Pre 1.2 How To: Install Terraria in Mac OS X (Video)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Kaikz, May 25, 2011.

  1. Kaikz

    Kaikz Green Slime

    It's start to finish, starting with the Windows 7 installation and config, as well as the Steam, Direct3D, .NET and XNA installs.

    Edit: Here's the game running on basically, the lowest end x86 Mac you can get:
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  2. Garethbah92

    Garethbah92 Green Slime

    The title should be, "How To: Install Terraria in Virtual Machine(Video)
  3. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    It's fine, and I know lots of people wanted this guide, so very nice!
  4. Kaikz

    Kaikz Green Slime

    Regardless if it is a VM or not, it was made in OS X and runs in OS X.
  5. Saint

    Saint Demon Eye

    I added this to my post about a Terraria port for Mac, Good work!
  6. tr4656

    tr4656 Green Slime

    At least title the thread that it was uses VM.
  7. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Fine, It's How to install Terraria on a Mac, such a pointless argument you feel like carrying on with.
  8. superkawaiiest

    superkawaiiest Green Slime

    It's a pointless argument but still a legitimate gripe since there's a pretty big difference between having a game actually function straight up on OS X compared to needing VM software, a copy of Windows and the time to install it.
  9. Arc111111

    Arc111111 Green Slime

    Pointless argument ? It's a HUGE deal. Installing a game on a VM slows the game down considerably. Just look at the video, it's not even PLAYABLE.
  10. LaughingMan

    LaughingMan Green Slime

    If you have an x86 Mac and a copy of Windows, and you're going to use up as much space as a regular Windows install creating a VM, why not just install Windows via Bootcamp and run Terraria natively in the first place? It'd run better and it's probably slightly easier to do.
  11. Kaikz

    Kaikz Green Slime

    Because you need to shut down OS X and go into Windows. I'd rather keep my smexy IRC & Twitter clients in OS X.

    If you even bothered to take notice of the annotation midway through it, it says I have an Intel GMA 950, which even in Windows, XNA apps crash when using the GMA 950 for graphics. And the default Terraria frameskip causes that horrible lag.

    I'm uploading a video of it in my other VM. (the "Windows 7" one, frameskip off) See the OP.
  12. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Not at all, first realize he's filming, which wrecks even the best computers usually, and then read his post above. Suboptimal environment + video capture == bad, generally. But without it, game runs at a constant 40+ FPS.
  13. DreadFear

    DreadFear Green Slime

    Should post this on the facebook wall, lots of people asking about playing on mac there
  14. HIllyAus

    HIllyAus Green Slime

    This bears well for the latest MacBook Pro line up then, if GMA can run it, I should be fine. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. phlip9

    phlip9 Green Slime

  16. Kaikz

    Kaikz Green Slime

  17. Kazzae

    Kazzae Green Slime

    I just used bootcamp to run Windows 7 and Terraria worked just fine.

    Using something like Parallels didnt work.

    The only problem i get using a Mac running Windows in each time i go from Fullscreen to Window mode in Terraria it resets my screen resolution which can get annoying but at least i can play this awesome game =)
  18. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Stay away from Parallels, it's a hog. VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox are better alternatives, if you ever plan to use a VM.
  19. Kaikz

    Kaikz Green Slime

    I just installed VMWare Fusion and I get a better FPS in Terraria than in VirtualBox. Odd.
  20. Supermassive

    Supermassive Green Slime

    I wish I would have seen this when I first got Terraria. I spent 7 hours bashing my head in trying to get it to work. I finnally did through Parralells.

    But the strange thing is, on two seperate computers it WILL NOT run on bootcamp, but will in parrallels.
    Which, kind of sucks, becuase running in a VM results in higher cpu usage.
    if anyone has figured out how to make it run in bootcamp, hit me up. I kept running into a "direct3d" error, which according to google searches, meant my video card didnt support it.

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