Pre 1.2 How to Kill the Wall of Flesh Easily

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Unicornzrboss, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Unicornzrboss

    Unicornzrboss Green Slime

    You'll need:
    -full armor of your choice (Shadow or better)
    -Water Walking potiomn
    -Obsidian Skin potion
    -Archery potion
    -Iron skin potion
    -Life regeneration potion
    -Thorns potion
    -Something that will increase your speed
    -Bow of your choice (I suggest Shadow tier or higher)
    -An assortment of arrows (have at least 500-600)
    -at least 1000 stone/dirt blocks
    -Muramasa (optional)
    - Long range mana item(s) (optional)

    First, make a bridge using your blocks, going the opposite way of the side he will come from. Make the bridge out of at least 1000 blocks. After, cover all of your lava with dirt just in case you run out of sky bridge. If you don't have patience for that, use obsidian skin potions or water/lava walking potions.

    Clean up your inventory and make it easy for you to grab different items/potions.
    Use all other potions as soon as you spawn the Wall of Flesh.
    After you spawn him, use your bow to shoot at The Hungry, or use a Muramasa to clean them up. Make sure you kill them all before you go for the eyes.

    After all of The Hungry are gone, you can keep shooting the eyes with arrows, or try using some mana items. I find that Both Vilethorns, and the Annoying Demon Skythe are nice.
    Make sure to keep your distance and press "H" to restore you health often. :)

    You have now successfully killed the Wall of Flesh!
    If this didn't work for you, try differing your items.
    Good luck! :D
  2. Really, another one?
    Get a ranged weapon, ammo, and spam the sh*t out of it. I don't see why the WoF is so hard...
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  3. Suero

    Suero Green Slime

    or u can only build a brigde and spam with minishark works fine for me
  4. Darkstar

    Darkstar Green Slime

    The reason you need range or mage is if you bump into it, It will deal damage and throw you back.
  5. Zenyo

    Zenyo Blazing Wheel

    Me.. I just move and shoot =/
  6. Trinite

    Trinite Green Slime

    I haven't fought the WoF yet because I can't find any Voodoo Demons :(
  7. BillNye

    BillNye Demon Eye

    How To kill the wall of flesh with Melee Weapons Only:
    Thorns Potion, HP Regen potion
    Fiery Greatsword or better
    Any flail of choice

    Done it 3 times now.
  8. chrismgtis

    chrismgtis Green Slime

    Pretty much. Build a bridge across the Underworld.. then spam. Works every time.

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