How to make a new Biome with TConfig?

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Guide_com, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Guide_com

    Guide_com Green Slime

    I really don't know how to make something like a Biome using the C# Code. But, something like the corruption (I have the graphics already). And have to be called a new biome to spawn custom enemies. (I think if being a hardmode biome would be better too!)

    Nothing usual, but i like to use/destroy a custom item to make the biome appears in one of the corruptions of the world (just replacing the corruption biome and making this new biome).

    (I already know how to place the backgrounds and the blocks, but nothing more than this .-.)

    Can anyone help me? I'm very grateful if anyone could help me :3
  2. Koru

    Koru Cursed Man

    This is something I've been curious about, too. I hope someone helps you out. :3
  3. Guide_com

    Guide_com Green Slime

    Hm... The most of the modders don't know how to do that anyway.

    I just hope that someone could help us. '.-.
  4. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    By "make a new biome" do you mean: If there is a certain amount of a certain block on your screen, then either play a certain music, spawn certain creatures, etc... And, for the biome conversion item, I am not sure how to do that yet, but I might be able to figure that out. Cross your fingers.
  5. Guide_com

    Guide_com Green Slime

    Yes, you're right tvolk131. So, if you can make a certain mod or just the .cs file explaining me that's ok! :)
    The biome should be created in the world's gen, and added the sprites then.

    Hey, can you see to me if there's a code that adds music for the game? (I think that wasn't made yet, but I would like to see a different music in my biome .-.)

    Anyway, thank you... :3
  6. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    I have not put extensive research into how to modify the world generation, but that would be of use to my mod as well, so I'll look into that. Also, for the custom music, as far as I know, you can just put a custom music file into your sounds folder. Is it .wav that tConfig uses? Hm, I don't remember at the moment. Anyways, then you just add some code that I think goes in your global.cs file, that connects the biome to the sound file. Unfortunately, I am busy in real life, o I can start figuring this out in 2 days. Hope I can get you the results asap.
  7. Guide_com

    Guide_com Green Slime

    Well, I saw a toppic that explains how to REPLACE the music in-game, but I still need the vannila music. About the .wav file, I don't know if its .wav exactly, but I think it's that :3...

    All right then, keep searching for the biome .cs :)
  8. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    Yup, I know for an absolute fact that it is certainly possible to do what you are saying. I also think that it will not take long once i have the time.
  9. Wingzero007

    Wingzero007 Green Slime

    One of the reasons I have yet to continue my mod is due to the fact that I am so simple as far as my knowledge in programing so I struggle to make par... sota speak. I wanted to create a clam based npc that spawns in dark parts of certain bodies of water... unfortunately I have yet to solve this... or my mode would proceed as planned. If the technology never comes out chances are my mod will never continue. Plus I need someone to explain how to spawn anything in simple english. I don't know c# or for that matter c anything.

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