How to make use of the new Spectre Hood

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    This is only to help you get used to the change and adapt accordingly.
    Okay. With that said, it's time to get started.​
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    With the 1.2.3 update, the Spectre Hood now carries severe debuffs to counteract the healing effect. Even with the update's removal of the increased mana usage penalty, the severe reduction in damage still poses a few problems. What it's important to realize is that it is now a support-type class, as in its main purpose is to heal your teammates and speed up recovery when low on health. Unless executed properly, it makes a very poor offensive armor, hence the Spectre Mask was introduced. Two problems arise from its damage reduction: a handicap to the armor's offensive power, and more severe consequences from using Mana potions.​
    First, I will cover the problems posed by mana potions. I would strongly oppose the use of mana potions, and especially the Mana Flower, since the cooldown period after taking a potion reduces magic damage severely, and practically cripples your aggressive power when paired with the reduced damage from the Spectre Hood. To circumvent this, it is recommended that the player use weapons which have a modifier which reduces mana usage, namely Adept, Mystic, Masterful, and Mythical weapons. It may also help to equip acessories which have the Arcane modifier, too. However, it is much more crucial that the player use accessories which allow other means of mana restoration.​
    The two best options are the Celestial Magnet, which increases the pickup range of mana stars, and the Magic Cuffs, which restore mana while taking damage. The Celestial Magnet can be acquired from the Traveling Merchant, so if you wish to obtain this item, you should check his stock whenever possible, as it randomly changes every time he respawns. The Magic Cuffs can be crafted by using a Band of Starpower (from smashing Shadow Orbs in the Corruption) and a Band of Regeneration (from Golden Chests underground) to create a Band of Mana Regeneration, which is then combined with a Shackle (which are dropped by zombies.) This requires a Tinkerer's Workshop. After both of these items are acquired, they can be combined to form the Celestial Cuffs, which retain the most important bonuses from each. This is probably the best possible way to retain your mana while using the armor.​
    The second problem is much less complicated. The -40% damage may sound awful, but it can be counteracted by equipping accessories which increase magic damage (including those with Angry and Menacing modifiers.) Essentially, every positive bonus becomes more useful when you have a significantly reduced base damage. Using the Sorcerer Emblem is one of the best accessories for this job, but the best way to counteract this is by purchasing (and using) a Crystal Ball from the Wizard, as well as stocking up on Magic Power Potions for when you need an offensive bonus, since the +20% damage is incredibly useful in any situation.​

    If you have acquired an Avenger Emblem, you might want to consider crafting a Celestial Emblem instead of Celestial Cuffs, This is because it can be used with the Sorcerer Emblem to get a significant damage bonus in addition to the Celestial Magnet's effect. This also allows the use of the Magic Cuffs alone, which provides +20 Mana in addition to its other bonus. Taking this option is a great start to having a pure-offensive setup. (See below.) Even if you don't go all-out, this is a great middle-ground accessory which provides alternate mana recovery with offensive bonuses. It should be warned, however, it can be quite tricky and tedious to acquire all of the necessary emblems from the Wall of Flesh, and it is not worth wasting large amount of time over.
    These loadouts are purely recommendations for players who want to get the most kick out of their Spectre armor. (Be warned, though; they take a very long time obtain without inventory hacks, and serve mostly as a possible long-term goal point for Spectre armor users.)​
    These are the setups which provide the largest damage bonuses, but these can be substituted with whatever you may want or need to use. Your play-style is the determining factor of their effectiveness, and everything given below can be adapted according to what you are most comfortable using, especially when it comes to accessory modifiers. (For example, using all Arcane accessories can be used to trade +20% damage for +100 mana, or Warding for +20 defense.) The best thing you can do is to tweak your own setup to have a blend of bonuses that you are most comfortable with using. By no means copy these setups exactly, unless you absolutely want to, but using them as reference is not a terrible idea.​
    Use Magic Power Potions, food items, and a Crystal Ball for an additional +35% damage.​
    When you switch between the two loadouts, just swap the Magic cuffs and Wings with the Destroyer Emblem and Celestial Stone, and also switch the Hood and the Mask.​

    In conclusion, the Spectre Hood's reduction in power does take a lot of work to use effectively, but with proper preparations, it can still be an incredibly useful main armor. Even if this seems like to much trouble to go through for the healing bonus, it can always be kept as a useful utility bonus when you need to recover health quickly before switching back to your main armor. Most importantly, it is important to give it a chance. It deserves it, and shouldn't be cast aside or complained about just because its offensive output was reduced.
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    If you found this guide useful, I would appreciate positive feedback. If you found it confusing, let me know so I can fix it. But if you just have a complaint about the Spectre nerf, you can take the problem almost anywhere else and get a flood of replies. Other than that, I would be immensely interested in how useful found these suggestions, or in alternative solutions which you find to be better. Thank you.​
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    Recommending this for a sticky. Very thoughtful, and well written.
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    I'll have to test this out. Great guide!
  4. SzGamer227

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    Thank you, and thank you! Much appreciated!
  5. General_Milky

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    Thank you, very well done.

    I'd like to emphasize the point you made on increasing your power. As many emblems as you are comfortable is recommended, as is menacing reforges. There's no excuse not to use Crystal Ball either. More damage leads to more healing leads to both better survivabilty and better killing power.
  6. SzGamer227

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    Right, exactly. I should add Crystal Ball to the main post, too.
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    I don't really use magic myself, but my friends often use magic, so I'll be forwarding this to them, thanks.
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    Nice job with this guide. Honestly people make out the nerf to be more serious then it really is. you summed up greatly how to counter the damage reduction. The other major disadvantage, the mana use increase, isn't too big a deal in my opinion. After all, for most magic weapons, the increase is between one and four mana a cast, usually 1 or 2 for rapid casting weapons. Not really that much more rapid of a drain than before.
  9. SzGamer227

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    You're welcome!

    Thank you!
    It is for this reason that I took the time to write this guide.
    That's good. I was afraid that I would have to include an example, but no one's said anything about it being confusing yet.
    The problem is that you can't really use mana potions, because of the new mana sickness debuff. No matter what weapons you use, you are going to run out of mana eventually if the RNG decides to suddenly cut your flow of mana stars. That's why I emphasized the usefulness of accessories which mitigate or eliminate this problem.
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    I was honestly thinking about selling my Spectre armor or stashing it away forever but this helped dissuade me. Maybe I'll try using it again later.
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    Yeah, im not saying that its not a problem at all whatsoever. I just don't think that its the huge huge deal that people are making it out to be. For instance, use the crystal ball, a magic power potion, and 5 menacing accessories, with one being the sorcerer emblem. That increases magic damage by 65%, effectively getting rid of all magic damage reductions even with mana sickness, and a 25% buff without mana sickness. Yeah, this is dictating the prefixes for all your accessories, but i never said it was a perfect solution. Its just an issue that can be worked with, thats all im saying.
  12. SzGamer227

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    Well, I'm glad this is helping people out!

    Yes. exactly. It definitely is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. That's why I was obligated to write this guide.
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    Honestly, when I first made the Spectre Armor during 1.2.2, I didn't like it and considered it to be a waste of 54 Chlorophyte bars, even though I had the Inferno Fork and the Shadowbeam Staff. So I just stuffed it in a chest and saved up for some Turtle armor, which I like much better anyway.
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    Well, then, I guess this doesn't apply to you, then. All I can do is recommend that you try the Spectre Mask. If you have a Wasp Gun, you are sure to have one hell of a good time.

    EDIT: Just mentioned Angry and Menacing accessories in the main post. I kept forgetting in my rush to deal with the dozen alerts that I get every time I log on.
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    Interesting... I'll go try that out.
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    Plus when you're healthy and don't need the healing, and you swap out for the offense helmet and WHAM :> All the damage bonuses go into overdrive :>
  17. I agree, minimizing the impact of the debuffs with other modifiers is probably the best way to go using it. Good explanations in the guide.
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    what you've written is typically how i went about mage all along, i am very happy to know that this is indeed the best way to handle the balance to the hood. additionally, thank you for making this knowledge public, and thank you for your service to the terrarian community, you're the reason i feel there is still hope for the terrarians :D
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    I think I have to confess that I haven't done any testing with the new Spectre Hood much at all. I'm basing this entire guide on common sense and feedback. Neither have let me down in the past, and I'm glad that I didn't get my information wrong. Thanks for letting me know!

    Thank you very much! And you're welcome.
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    i finally got the celestial equivalents of what i've been using.....i hope these are a permanent addition to terraria, i am in love with the celestial cuffs and emblem. i almost started drooling on myself when the traveling merchant finally had the damned item for the combinations at the tinker station!! (i am quite serious, i almost started drooling), i even discovered a few nifty details along the way with some tinkering in my modified golem arena. i'll keep those particular details to myself, you don't want to mess with a wizard when he's wizarding! anyways, the new accessories help ease up on getting shafted on mana consumption in the end costs, but in the short term, you still have to invest the mana before the train gets rolling. it is better than nothing, and worse than few :D

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