How To Play Terraria on LAN?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Klemzo, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Klemzo

    Klemzo Green Slime

    God, I'm really frustrated right now. Spend 2 hours trying to figure it out, but I'm just so stupid regarding the matter that I just can't and can't get it to work.

    If I want to play Terraria on LAN (with my brother), how do I do it?

    I've first tried using External IP + Terraria's port (7777), but it doesn't work.
    I've tried using ipv4 but then I didnt know which port to use (tried many, nothing works).
    Went to my router options, set port to a random number for that ip, still doesn't work (at least I think I did).

    How the flying poop am I suppose to make this work?
    Any help really appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Well I think I know how because I have my own server for me and my friends but I had to port forward it but I also downloaded the 1.0.5 patch dedicated server software from and I ran it from there but if your brother is not playing on your wireless you need your wireless IP. If not I don't know but if that 1 works you need to join localhost for who ever is hosting it. Also to get your wireless IP you need to go to Start and then there should be RUN click it and type cmd. Then when your command line is up type configip. The numbers that show up, they should be your brother's IP to join if you are playing on the same wireless. If not, like I said I don't know then. Hope this works.
  3. GameGecko

    GameGecko Dark Caster

    have you tryed opening TerrariaServer.exe yet?
  4. Klemzo

    Klemzo Green Slime

    Where do I download the server.exe?
  5. Akiar

    Akiar Green Slime

    That's weird. When I was at a friend's house all we did to play Terraria, was to use my friend's ipv4 and the port was the usual 7777 port. He hosted the server via "Host&Play" and I joined his server by putting in his ipv4 ip and the 7777 port.

    Hope I can help you.
  6. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Oh yeah, when you open that file run Terraria Server.
  7. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

  8. GameGecko

    GameGecko Dark Caster

    You get it automatically when you updated to 1.0.4 so you should have it ;)
    It should be in: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria\TerrariaServer.exe
  9. Klemzo

    Klemzo Green Slime

    Ok, got it to work, thanks for your help guys.


    Monsters lag as hell! Everything runs smoothly, except monsters. They have huuuuuge lag spikes. When slime jumps it glitches b and front and disappear for a sec then lands 4 meters affront of me. Its impossible to fight any monsters at all, while PvP and everything else works fine. What's the problem?
    I mean this is LAN (or is it not)? We're having PCs 1 meter away from eachother, what the hell is the problem? :(

  10. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Well bro I have the exact same thing with you and your brother my friend plays about 1m away from me, but when im hosting the server when I join my friend says that it lags like hell to so if I were you I would run the program from another windows computer and you will not get the lag.
  11. GameGecko

    GameGecko Dark Caster

    Yep i agree with him!
  12. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

  13. Broken Haiku

    Broken Haiku Green Slime

    Don't worry, this is a huge bug that has been around forever, I'm SURE they're aware of it and will fix it before the game is released as v1.0.

  14. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

  15. Stunt

    Stunt Squirrel

    If worse comes to worse, you could always set up a network with Hamachi and play through that. Here is a quick Youtube tutorial I found with a quick google search... seems to set everything up correctly.
  16. Beanus Maximus

    Beanus Maximus Cursed Skull

    If I remember correctly, start off your server like you normally would, then with all the other computers in the network type in your computers internal network address (ipv4 address which someone stated earlier) for the IP address. This should work I think.

    To get your computers Internal Address, go to command prompt and type in "ipconfig" and press enter. It'll give you ipv4 address up there.
  17. Mining Penguin

    Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Yea, I thought I had to type in configip and that is what I told him but now I remember it is ipconfig. :p.
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  18. koSiukaS

    koSiukaS Green Slime

    Dude if your using the internet connecton that is with a light fiber or sun fiber(i don't know howw it's called in english) you should get an expensive wi-fi modem that woud be made for high speed cuz i had the same problem with minecraft (similar game to terraria only in 3D) i called my operator ant he said to try to directly plugin the internet cabel (LAN) to the computer and it worked (before for me everyone lagged exept me, but for my frends on that server I wasn't lagging and they werent lagging to) It's a shame that I can't test this cuz if I dosconnect the modem my brother won't be able to connect to my server
  19. Beanus Maximus

    Beanus Maximus Cursed Skull

    In english it's fiber optics I think :p
  20. Israel Ribeiro

    Israel Ribeiro Green Slime

    Each computer hava a internal IP adress, like "". Use it insted. Port is 7777 by default. Or you can port forward it to the host and join via external IP. Your call.

    I configured my router to define static internal IPs for each PC. My notebook is always when I'm home, while the desktop is always Of course, the router itself is Make it easier to know the IP when hosting/joining.

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