Pre 1.2 How to Start/Run your own server!

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  1. Feoredorne

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    Hey forums! Today I am going to show you how to (Easily) create your own
    online server for people to play on! This website lets you portfoward your computer to make a terraria server! if your port is already 7777, no worries!
    Step 1.
    First what you have to do is download the Terraria dedicated server files from the main Terraria website. Scroll right to the bottom of this page and you will see
    "Download the dedicated server software (1.0.4)." Download this file to either your downloads folder, or anywhere else you please. Your desktop would be the ideal place to download it to considering you will be using it often (or not) to run your server. The dedicated server software is free to download, and it is a direct download with no install. So no worries! This picture should display the website you need to go on, and the files you need to download.
    Step1.png Step 2.
    Open your terraria dedicated server file as shown below.
    Step 3.
    Now that you have opened your server you will see something like this. Press the number of the world you wish to select, and Bingo! You are on the way to having your server running in No time!
    Step3.png Step 4.
    Choose how many people you want to be able to go on your server at one time. I set it to 15-20 people because I run a public server that usually has a high population. If it's just going to be you and 2-5 of your friends, just press ENTER for this step. You, and your server take up two player slots.
    Step 5.
    This, and the next steps are very simple, so you barely have to worry about anything!
    For this, You'll want to set your port to 7777. So just press enter. Scroll up if you still need to port-foward your computer!
    Step 6.
    For this step you can set your password, or not. I would use a password only if I am playing with a group of friends and don't want any interruptions, or if you are making an unmodded whitelist server so you can send a message to your players with the password so other people who aren't on your whitelist can't join your server. step6.png 
    Step 7.
    Now that you have all that up and running, go to to check your IP adress, post that, and a description of your server in the "Server" section of the forums, and there you go! You are running your own server!

    Step 8.
    There is no step 8! your done! finito! finished! completed! yipeeee!!!!111111!!!!!11!!!!
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  2. qbicfeet

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    Moved to the Guides section.
  3. Feoredorne

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    Sorry :) I'm kinda new and I didn't know if I should put it in to Help or not. Sorry!
  4. Munchkins123

    Munchkins123 Green Slime

    So how do people join ur newly created server
  5. Feoredorne

    Feoredorne Zombie

    Ah yes! sorry hah, I missed out that part. Let me update the post ^^
  6. Feoredorne

    Feoredorne Zombie

    The post is updated now! Thanks for correcting me there :)
  7. Dawnstrider

    Dawnstrider Green Slime

    This is all good and all. But how do you join that server once its created?
  8. Zamixus

    Zamixus Doctor Bones

    What about all the port-forwarding stuff?
  9. Blaze959

    Blaze959 Eskimo Zombie

    Can you play on the same computer your server is running on?
    And can a computer that cannot run Terraria (no directx 9) run a dedicated server?
    Can you also skip port-forwarding and use Hamachi instead?
  10. Quantum Physics

    Quantum Physics Piranha

    @Feoredorne: You should include the "Host and Play" on a single client method of running the Server as well.
    Everything so far looks great. Good job.
  11. Blaze959

    Blaze959 Eskimo Zombie

    Thanks, but what about skipping port-forwarding and using Hamachi instead?
  12. Quantum Physics

    Quantum Physics Piranha

    You could to that too.
    I never realized how many options there were, I don't think many people like utilizing Hamachi however.
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  13. Blaze959

    Blaze959 Eskimo Zombie

    Thank you, and I see Hamachi as an option for people who don't know/want to port-forward.
  14. Cauliflow

    Cauliflow Bunny

    How do I check my server on the website, what do i do on website. :)
  15. håvard

    håvard Green Slime

    how do i find the ip

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