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Would you like to see more classic game art made in Terraria?

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  1. dr.giggles@

    dr.giggles@ Green Slime

    Hi folks!

    We have finished our next project, which was a huge version of Pac-man. Another project finished, with no use of TEdit or other helpful mods. Hope you enjoy!

    *This map makes for some awesome PVP fun, would you guys like it to be uploaded? We're in the process of adding multiple spawn points*


    here is a picture without textures:


    Special Thanks to: MundoLoveAhri, and Goku / kaseemWallace for helping with the tedious task of filling in background tiles.

    *Working on fixing the placement of the food block in the top left, didn't even notice until I was looking at the finished project, with stuff this big it's easy to miss*
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  2. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    Awesome job!
    Love the torches for eyes.

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