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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by PaulThePenguin, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    Me and my cousin have been working on a map to re-create The Hunger Games (with some variations) and we need some testers. We're currently in beta, and will gladly take constructive criticism, ideas, and suggestions. We will accept as many testers as we can. If we can get enough interest generated in our server, we will post an official "Hunger Games Rules" Thread, with a sign up sheet for those who want to play.

    Edit: Test one is now complete, special thanks to forum members Alch, Blind_Panda, and Alex Martinez. They offered up some good suggestions, and we are going to apply their suggestions and more. We are still looking for testers, so if you're interested, post here or PM me. Preferably both, so the thread stays near the top of the list, and so we can have conversations without other people being able to interrupt.

    EDIT2: this is a Hamachi server, but I'm working on port forwarding so it won't be Hamachi anymore.
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  2. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    We still need two more beta testers, so please PM me if interested. We would love your participation!

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  3. staticdecoy

    staticdecoy Squirrel

    wouldnt you need a boy and girl on each team?
  4. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    No, most Hunger Games don't have teams with a boy and a girl. They just get a boy and a girl from each district, and it's an all out free-for-all. In the first book, however, they make a very rare exception and team up some of the members from the same district. And since TO doesn't have districts, we don't have this problem :)

    Would you like to help us test? We're still two testers short.
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  5. Orangepower123

    Orangepower123 Squirrel

    Well i think this is a great idea! (if u still need a tester, im here!)
  6. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    We will need more testers at a later date, would you like me to put you down on the list?
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  7. DrackenSlayer

    DrackenSlayer Green Slime

    the hunger games AND terraria?!?!?! u sir have found my 2 favorite things im yup for beta testing if i have the time i still have school to deal with -_-
  8. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    Don't worry, I'm still in school too. We'll work around it. I will add you to the list of beta testers, and I will inform you of any upcoming tests.
    Also take into note that if this gets any bigger (which I have high hopes for, now :D) we will be adding more admins. Being a beta tester greatly improves your chances of becoming an admin, as it will allow me and my cousin to get to know you and trust you enough to run our server when we can't.
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  9. vareekasame

    vareekasame Eskimo Zombie

    Can i join too?
    If you got time problem i can help you
    am in GMT +7 and my holiday just started so i got lots of free time
  10. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    Added orangepower123 and vareekasame to the beta tester list.

    As of right now, we are not looking for extra admins. Only six people have shown interest in our game, and we still have many ideas to implement before we release v1.0. If you guys can help us spread the word about this, let people know it will be out soon-ish, it would be much appreciated. Tell all your friends.

    Although we are not looking for admins, we ARE looking for ideas. Anybody who is proven to have good ideas and the time, effort, hard-work, will, and attitude to implement them, will be accepted onto a team of map designers.
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  11. Orangepower123

    Orangepower123 Squirrel

    Thanks alot paul! :D
    I will be ready to test "a later date" ;)
  12. vareekasame

    vareekasame Eskimo Zombie

    Maybe you can devide up the map in to 12 part
    Each part can have they own unique loot
    and Different bime in is part but it should conect to atleast 2 other part
  13. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    I'm sorry, what?

    This is going to be a PvP map. All characters start in the middle, then we release them and they get to choose where to go from there. The goal of the game is to be the last living player on the map. So I don't see how splitting the map into twelve sections would help.
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  14. vareekasame

    vareekasame Eskimo Zombie

    so it is related to the movie? it might look good to have diffent kind of place people can set up in and with different loot
    sorry if this is a bad idea
  15. PaulThePenguin

    PaulThePenguin Green Slime

    No, it's a good idea, it's just that Terraria naturally has that built in. The different biomes spawn randomly across the world, and people can choose to set up in whichever one they choose. Even underground.

    Like I said, they start off in the middle next to a cornucopia, then disperse off into the world. We have hidden random chests and traps, like in the books, and there are naturally spawning chests and traps also.

    On a side note, I looked at some of your Terraria creations you have linked in your sig. I like them. Particularly photo number 18, the biomesphere.
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  16. vareekasame

    vareekasame Eskimo Zombie

    If you need help on building some thing big, I can help you. But am not too good on interior design but big buiding with unique look, that what i do best
  17. deadjaw

    deadjaw Squirrel

    Yo, I wouldn't mind helping out if you need more people.
  18. Oranje

    Oranje THE Orange Troll

    Awesome idea, Awesome book. Send me a message if you need someone who read the book.
  19. Red is awesome

    Red is awesome Green Slime

    I feel like this would be a fun experience, and if you need a tester, I'm your guy!
  20. Zanecreations

    Zanecreations Green Slime

    I would LOVE to join the games (testing) and I have read the books. There are also supposed to be 24 people in the games, so..... Message me if you want me to be in it. Oh, and i call being Peeta!

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