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  1. Darkonion Doctor Bones


    Hey guys!
    Do you like to play survival? Do you like PvP? We here at the Terrarian Hunger Games are looking for people who would like to give themselves as a tribute in our weekly event where players are pitted against each other in a fight to be the last one alive by any means necessary.

    The typical day will consist of three games. Because of the unpredictable nature of PvP, player skill, and map generation, a single game may last as short as five minutes, or it may go on into two hours of high class weapon battles. Winners of each game will be posted here.

    1. The rules are simple:
      • All players start with a new hardcore character of their choosing.
      • At the start of the games PvP is enabled for everyone and it cannot be disabled.
      • Do whatever you can to not only stay alive, but also to eliminate all other players!
      • There are no bans on items. Whatever you find in the world is your tool to exploit!
      • Teams are allowed, but remember: only one can claim victory.
    If you want to make the server PM me. Comment if you want to volunteer tribute for the Terraria Online Hungarria Games! :D

    We have been hosting games for over a month now and have created a Steam Group. If you'd like to have heads up knowledge of games, servers, and rulesyou can join the group here.

    The Terraria Hunger Games!

    Server IP: :cool:
    Hamachi required: No
    White list required: No
    Support the Terraria Hunger Games by putting the following in your signature:
  2. Raskulle Green Slime

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ...
    Murderia sounds fun, sign me up!

    oops I mean MMuurrddeerriiaa
  3. Darkonion Doctor Bones

    info? :rolleyes:
  4. Raskulle Green Slime

    oh wait he can't host, :confused: nvm then
  5. I have some tips, regarding player re-spawn and hardcore.
    All players should be required to be Medium-Core.
    So other contestants can retrieve their things to help themselves. Giving a further incentive to slay someone.
    Now what about when they re-spawn?
    Well, you can have it set up that the spawn point will be in a contained area above the ground. (where we all start). From that area, contestants can be corralled into the appropriate starting positions and the game will begin.
    So, when someone dies, they'll end up back in the spawn (EX: hovercraft) closed in, and item-less so they won't be able to grief. (The spawn will be closed in by switches and stone, controlled by one person who is a "game-maker')
    I hope that helps!
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  6. Darkonion Doctor Bones

    If a player is hardcore, they still drop items, but they cant respawn
    P.S: are you interested in the Hungarria Games?
  7. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    Name (Username):sonicrider3
    How long have you played:in hours 580
    Have you beat the game:yep i have full hallowed
    Do you have it cracked or paid: paid i dont like cracking games
    Can you be trusted to play properly (Abiding the rules):yep i always play by the rules ALWAYS
    Anything else:well i like pie
  8. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    oh and i cant run a server o3o
  9. Killer84 Green Slime

    i think it would be better if they made hardcore characters because if thy respwan then how will there be a victor when everyone just comes back to life instead of just staying dead. this makes sense because in the hunger games the people actually die they dont come back to life because they are supposed to die and not comeback so they dont be the victor.
  10. Killer84 Green Slime

    and by the way i can host a server but it wont be hamichi it will be to where i can use T edit to make a stadium and stuff but i have another server running already so it will have to be port 7776 instead of port 7777. i hope thats ok with you and i have no idea how to not allow bombs or anything else because that is out of my control with the server.
  11. Darkonion Doctor Bones

    That would be great, send me the details if you do it, and now were just waiting for people to join, are you in?
  12. SStranger Snatcher

    Name (Username): SStranger/SSranger
    How long have you played: 187 hours says steam, but i know its more than that.
    Have you beat the game: If this means have i beaten all bosses, then no, i have not.
    Do you have it cracked or paid:paid. Cracking is for nubs.
    Can you be trusted to play properly (Abiding the rules):More or less. If other people play fair, i will also. (i haz no edit thingies, so no worries ;))
    Anything else:Meh...

    I can do hamachi servers, but my times are very limited. Mostly every other weekend is good with me.
    EDIT: I also am not sure can i host so many people at the same time, i have a good computer, but it may just be too much. I bet i can do 8-12 people or something, on a big map.
  13. Darkonion Doctor Bones

    thanks for responding, your on the list!
  14. I want to join!!!!
  15. TheMonster2 Green Slime

    Name: TheMonster2 (IRL: Tomas)
    Hours played: 130 and counting!
    Game Beat: Over 4 Times
    Game is paid for
    Yes, good at following rules
    Extra: Would like to have a 2 person team :D
  16. blazeboy Demon Eye

    Name: Phoenix
    Hours played: 100+
    Game Beat:Yes 3+
    Cracked or paid: paid want proof i can take pic of me using tconfig
    Rules:Yes i will i hate it when people don't follow the rules
    Extra:we should have special rules that happen every 20 competitions like in the book.
  17. blazeboy Demon Eye

    I can host a server with how ever many people port:would be 6666 hamachi i could do it but i just think that normal would be easier my time is every weekend.I know how to ban items.we could easily make a stadium if we all tried
  18. DDRMANIAC007 Squirrel

    Name (Username): DDRMANIAC007
    How long have you played: A year
    Have you beat the game: You can't beat Terraria. You can only get the best items in the game.
    Do you have it cracked or paid: Paid
    Can you be trusted to play properly (Abiding the rules): Yup
    Anything else: Also don't use a hamachi server. Forward your ports like a normal person. You'll have much faster speed and less lag.
  19. Darkonion Doctor Bones

    The info?
  20. Name (Username): GabirilosGR
    How long have you played: 120+ hours
    Have you beat the game: Yes
    Do you have it cracked or paid: Paid
    Can you be trusted to play properly (Abiding the rules): Yeah, i will follow the rules
    Anything else:...

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