I cant join my friends game

Discussion in 'Technical Support Archive' started by Tai, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Tai

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    I have downloaded Terraria from steam ;), i got it to play with my friend, i tried to connect to his game. He clicked host and i clicked join. he told me his Ip address and i typed it in. Then it gets stuck on "connecting to ......":mad: How can i fix this? And how can i play with my friend?
  2. AquaDraco

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    I would like to know a few more things before I can help:
    Has your friend port-forwarded?
    What kind of IP address did your friend use? There are various types. The only you want is the external one. You can look it up by clicking here or going here -> http://whatsmyip.us/
  3. Greggster990

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    Basically this you and your frind should check out a poet forward guides in the guides section
  4. ThatAmazingPerson

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    Set up a server using hamachi, it's easy to do.
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