I can't kill The Destroyer! Help?

Discussion in 'PC' started by M1911, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. M1911

    M1911 Bunny

    I use this strategy where I make a small box at a certain height in which The Destroyer can't reach me and I have a small hole and I shoot Cursed and Crystal bullets at him but the night goes WAY TOO quick and I can't even get him down to 10,000 health! I keep wasting my gold coins on bullets and I attempt to kill him but then day comes and he disappears!

    And when I try to kill him with a arena or without the Box method I'm barraged by lasers and I get killed super quick! I can't beat him!

    I used the Box method with all crystal bullets and I STILL can't kill him!
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  2. FunkyPotato

    FunkyPotato Cave Bat

    Make an arena bring the big health potions and use the STRONGEST range weapon you have!

    Then when the probes pop out kill them and take the heart but if you have a flamethrower use that!
  3. M1911

    M1911 Bunny

    Tried the arena and used the Clockwork Assault Rifle with crystal bullets and I when I fight Skeletron Prime I just get killed because of the potion cool down and his lasers!

    I have no gold coins and I can't make a mob trap nor manually kill a bunch of monsters for their gold because I get killed in just a couple hits. I have Adamantite armor too.

    Well, no one is posting so I'm just going to leave.

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  4. Stevebat

    Stevebat Green Slime

    1. Get hallowed armor get the helmet (made with masks) for ranged bonuses. If you want to be more sturdy get the mask (made with helmets) which gives a TON of defense.
    2. If your focusing on ranged you need A megashark or a Hallowed repeater. If you are going melee then I would suggest some light disks and a excalibur or gungir (Good luck with those. :/) For magic I suggest either rainbow rod or Crystal barrage.
    3.Stack defense like its going out of fashion (reforge all of your accessories to do so)
  5. leonvision

    leonvision Squirrel

    it may seem a lil' cheap, but what i did was build a platform out of alternating wooden platforms and solid blocks, just outside of where it can go. it's roughly 400~500 block off the ground, so if the ground below it is 150feet above, build it around 500~550 feet off the ground. the wooden platforms are for shooting straight down, and solid blocks for shielding against its lasers, although i rarely needed to use them.
    BUT wyverns will occasionally spawn.
    hellfire arrows are quite good against it, because it hits 2~3 segments at a time.
    FYI this is done on a large world.
  6. M1911

    M1911 Bunny


    The hallowed armor requires one to kill all the Hardmode bosses. And I don't have any gold coins.
  7. Kazooran

    Kazooran Demon Eye

    Get some people to help you if you are having that much trouble
  8. Kujar3

    Kujar3 Tim

    you should craft yourself adamantine repeater and buy alot of hellfire arrows. Than go ahead and craft some buff potions (health regen, ironskin, gravitation potion and whatever else you find usefull). With this stuff it's not that hard. Use the gravitation potion to fly around with and the adamantine repeater and hellfire arrows should kill him fast enough. I solod all of the bosses like a boss but with megashark it's really easy than. Good luck
  9. JayceJa

    JayceJa Blazing Wheel

    play smart with an arena and an upgraded phaserblade, the destroyer is easy
    when he comes from below, walk to the side, when probes pop out the phaserblade kills them for easy hearts, use well places arena walls to block his lasers

    problem solved
  10. Dustin Henderson

    Dustin Henderson Demon Eye

    Use the wiring system rig some Heart statues up to a five second timer, turn it on and enjoy not dying to the destroyer. I recommend Adamantite armor and ironskin potion to reduce incoming damage to next to nil. Also when able to do so using the tinkerer to reforge your accessories to Warding statues, each adds 4 defense, totaling 20, helps tremendously as well. I used these methods and a spear weapon and am farming him three times a night. ;) 2011-12-05_00001.jpg
  11. wormz

    wormz Green Slime

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  12. If you beat skeletron prime, then use a flamethrower. It's very easy.
    Flamethrower is easier to get than Excalibur.
  13. wormz

    wormz Green Slime

    yeah but it's much easier to get a chainsaw :D
  14. VKyrin

    VKyrin Green Slime

    Pretty sure the Dao of Pao would work amazingly well too, yeah? After all, you can leave it dangling where you are standing, dealing damage to every segment as it passes.

    Great video though, definitely have to try that method when I get home.
  15. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    ijwu and I wired multiple floating explosive packages and detonated them when destroyer was going through them. That did a couple thousand damage with each explosion.

    You could do that similar, wire it to your little box.
  16. M1911

    M1911 Bunny

    Still can't kill him.

    Tried Murderous Adamantite Repeater with Adamantite armor and gravitation potion with Philosopher's Stone and Hellfire arrows and I just get killed by a freaking Wyvern.

    This stuff is impossible for me.

    Also tried arena method.


    I've been devoting my weekend to killing this boss.

    And I can't make a grinder for Souls of Night and Rotten Chunks because I just get murdered by the hard mode monsters.

    EDIT: some glitch happened and he didn't go away when I died. Maybe I'll kill him.

    Killed by Wyvern again.

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  17. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    It seems to me that you generally need to practice fighting a bit. With the gear you have you should not die to the normal enemies and be able to farm souls. Maybe work on that first?
  18. Banana Split

    Banana Split Demon Eye

    Stuff doen't do everything.

    I find the arena system bad. actually running though the whole map is better. You take less damage.
  19. M1911

    M1911 Bunny

    I don't have a herb farm so I can't make Shine Potions, and I just get killed by a gang of skeleton archers either way.

    Can't find a bunch of star and heart statues either.

    i just want a excailbur damn it
  20. Kidef242

    Kidef242 Paladin

    Probably kill it with a friend of yours or on a server.
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