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Discussion in 'Art' started by Captainobvious88, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Captainobvious88 Green Slime

    HI there,

    I'm an animation student, and in my spare time I like to make short Flash animations. So far I've mostly made original comedy shorts, however I'm starting to do a bit of parody as well. I'm trying to get exposure, but it's turning out to be pretty hard. Anyway, if you're interested in comedy animations, maybe you would enjoy watching some of my work. Here is my Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/hillrdavid/featured

    I'm hoping to start uploading new videos more frequently, so if you like my stuff feel free to subscribe.
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  2. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Thats some nice animation, and it has some classic humor nice job!
  3. Captainobvious88 Green Slime

  4. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    You're welcome! hey what do you think you can make with these sprites http://imgur.com/a/eNCFe and the ones in my sig? Just wondering what you could make, not asking you for anything.
  5. Captainobvious88 Green Slime

    I could likely make anything. It looks like all of the necessary sprites are there.
  6. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Oh cool, well feel free to make something out of them; no need for credits.
  7. m31k Clown

  8. Jack33 Cave Bat

    I've wanted to make Flash animations for a while now. Can you tell me what you used?
  9. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    You're not gonna believe this but... He used flash to make a flash animation! :O its like the future he used flash to make a flash Oh my gawd its so amazing!
  10. Jack33 Cave Bat

    I'm guessing you are either unaware of the many other Flash animators out there or are starved for an excuse to be sarcastic.

    Do you know how expensive Flash is?
  11. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Like 30 dollars I think.
  12. Jack33 Cave Bat

    The latest Flash creator is seven hundred dollars.

    How do you know he used Flash? Did he say that somewhere in this thread?
  13. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Somwere out there, its free.
  14. lizzzard01 Pixie

    Yeah he kind of did I think, but don't spaz on me if this has no legitness to it because I know nothing about flash

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