i need a lp partner :3

Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by @u$+in, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. @u$+in

    @u$+in Green Slime

    ok so i need a lp person cuz im alone you have to be funny
    and um all so you need to have hamchi i think idk tho
    well just leave this info down below

    can you take a joke well:
    maturity lvl:

    ok well bye
  2. Terraria_NEWB!!

    Terraria_NEWB!! Green Slime

    Jonathan Juarez

    Depends on the joke, if it involves Mexicans,food, good video games, or my mother well....I'll get a bit angry
    Out of what 1-10, immature to mature? (:confused:) specify....
  3. Apalla Densin

    Apalla Densin Green Slime

    I can take a joke well since my family always uses sarcasm
    Maturity level: 69
  4. Tekarumoto

    Tekarumoto Green Slime

    It matters on the situation, are we chilling goofing around or in serious business.
  5. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    I'm dying, this must be the most hilarious thread I've ever seen, not to mention how you note that one must be funny.
    Oh goddess Terraria Online what hath thou come to.
  6. Tekarumoto

    Tekarumoto Green Slime

    Meh like im taking this seriously. (not even real info) lul
  7. Lucama221

    Lucama221 Bone Serpent

    age: 16
    sex: Yes please
    skype: I do have it, you're not getting mine
    can you take a joke well: I take jokes up the bum
    maturity lvl: over 9000!!!
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  8. DjSeptimus

    DjSeptimus Green Slime

    Hello! My name is DJSeptimus. I used to host my own series called Farcraft Ventures where I player with my pals on Minecraft server 2 years ago, we got quite big, over 30k views (thats big for me). Our channel got closed because of the copyright strikes, we uploaded 3 videos at once with copyrighted music and there was lots of drama involved.

    Anyways to the point. I am an entertaining and experienced let's player. I am looking for a series to call my home, I want to participate in someone's let's play. I cannot record myself because I am living abroad and have bad pc, I can only play Terraria and talk over Skype. I am 19.

    I can play almost every day after 7 PM GMT+2. I speak fluent English, well its my mother tongue and Russian, some French too.

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