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    Ichabod's Mansion is an adventure map created by Clay Burton (Toastilio), after 1.5 years of development. The player must explore the dark, mysterious and intricate mansion of the late Ichabod Deeds, with the goal to find and steal as much of his hidden treasure as possible. After the death of his mother, Ichabod slowly began a descent into insanity until he lost his mind, murdered his family and booby-trapped his house maniacally to his death, sealing his most valuable possessions at the top of his watchtower.

    The gameplay centres around finding light-switches and treasure given the available lighting in order to progress, whilst surviving booby-traps and the attacks of monsters riddled throughout the mansion. The goal is to find as many gemstones as possible, with the finish line being the top of the watchtower.

    Optimized for one-player, but playable with two as well. I do not recommend any more than that. When playing with two players, you may have to wait longer for water to settle and to make one particular puzzle solvable, but it works!

    The rules are all on the signs on the beginning of the map, but to be sure, here they are again:

    1. Please play with a BLANK CHARACTER​
    2. Use the "COLOR" light-setting, the gameplay depends on it and you probably won't be able to progress without​
    3. Do no place any object down, with the exception of COBWEB​
    4. DO NOT USE THE PICKAXE OR AXE, though you may use the SWORD​
    5. Should you 'deactivate' a dirt block with the dirt rod, you may ONLY place it exactly where it was before you began moving it​

    I recommend that you play with a high resolution, in fullscreen, and with the sound turned on, but it shouldn't be necessary. The only problem that may arise is if you use 800x600 resolution, you can get stuck with dirt blocks out of range on your screen. So, I advise you take caution when using the dirt rod on said resolution.

    Created using Buildaria 1.8.4, with some minor usage of TEdit v3.3.12322.1200

    Thank you very much for playing! Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear any feedback you may have!

    EDIT: Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. It seemed to be the most fitting.

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  2. Tim Hjersted

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    1.5 years? Wow. Curious to hear more on the background of this map. Haven't checked it out yet. How long do you think it will take to complete? Also, more picture are also great.

    Edit: finished maps should go in the released maps section but it seems only half the people follow that rule.
  3. Mr.Person

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    I doubt you've spent 1.5 years developing this. I think you started 1.5 years ago, then just stopped a for a week or two then picked it up again.

    Anywho, the map looks good. Keep it up.
  4. Toastilio

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    Theoretically, it's done as is! All that's left is to eliminate any bugs that anyone should find. I should have put it in the finished maps section, but I unfortunately didn't see it there until after... If someone could move it, that'd be great.

    About the time spent developing: you're right, it wasn't spent full-time, 12 hours a day for 1.5 years, no. I started it during November 2011, which would indeed mean 1.5 years since I started it, but I did work on it virtually every day for at least an hour so I thought it was fair to say 1.5.

    The time was spent first building the Mansion, implementing the lighting for atmosphere and making sure everything was coherent, which was the biggest part of the whole thing. Then the puzzles were built around the structure, then I had to balance item management, wiring all the traps was incredibly time consuming, and of course just brainstorming took a lot of that time. After that, there was about 5 months of straight fine-tuning and playtesting to make sure it was all clean. So, it -should- be done haha. I encourage you to give it a shot if you're interested!

    As for more screenshots, yeah I could do that. Since much of the map is about discovery and traps, though, I don't want to spoil much (since it's finished). The ones in the spoiler tag give a pretty good summary.
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  5. alecool34

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    This sounds like something I could set off time for! I'll return with feedback, wich I most likely will if what you're saying is featured in the map :)
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  6. Toastilio

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    @alecool: please do, it would be appreciated! I'd love to hear any feedback at all, good or bad! I would say that there's probably anywhere from 2-5 hours of gameplay the first time playing, depending on how much you want to complete as well.
  7. I'd prefer if there were more screens, but oh well, ill try anyway.

    EDIT: DERP! i'm tired, didn't notice the spoiler
  8. Stackerzgame

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    This map looks amazing.
  9. Alright, so i ran through it, found a couple of problems:
    1. None of the chandeliers turn on. You need to move the wire 1 block down.
    2. Cant complete dirt rod puzzle unless your resolution is really high.
    3. King Slime? silly easy. you just sit in the tomb room and let him jump around outside while you spam your harp.
  10. Toastilio

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    Thanks a lot for the feedback!

    I'm afraid I don't have the same problem with the chandeliers. I just downloaded it fresh and tried it out for myself, and they all work properly for me. I've also heard from others that haven't reported a problem like that. Perhaps your version is outdated or something?

    For the King Slime, it's intended that you just walk all over him haha. It's supposed to act as more of a reward for finishing the map than posing a challenge. Simply a design choice.

    Finally, for the dirt rod puzzle, the only time you should have trouble with that is if you get both blocks stuck very high in the tower and die on 800x600 resolution. Other than that, I think everything should work perfectly. So if you're playing on 800x600 resolution, I advise you be careful of that. I'll add it to the description, thanks.

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