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Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers' started by IcyPhoenix, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Mort

    Mort Green Slime

  2. ok sorry
    i just wanna play on the server.
  3. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    And we're back.
  4. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Piranha

    And it's back better than ever@!
  5. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    Hey All,

    Server now updated to - please update your client using steam.

  6. Psysaturn

    Psysaturn Zombie

    Mushroom Village, built by Marblemane. Its a big image, so I'm spoilering it for slow computers.
    Show Spoiler
  7. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime


    You don't need an application to join.

  8. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    Hi All,

    Normal mode and Hard mode maps have reset.

  9. Nexias

    Nexias Mouse

    Character Name: Nexias
    Terraria Experience: 200+ hours
    Type of Player (Builder, Hunter, Collector): Mainly Collector, though I do like building every now and then
    Why I want to join: I want to share my first experience on a terraria server with awesum people :D

  10. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    /bump - new world regenerated.
  11. Wutnold124

    Wutnold124 Demon Eye

    People keep draining the oceans, preventing me and others from getting black ink and shark fins and the jellyfish necklace!
  12. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    that sounds like people...try hardmode server less griefers.
  13. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Piranha

    :3 new spawn
  14. Wutnold124

    Wutnold124 Demon Eye

  15. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Piranha

    I am the orange guy!
  16. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    I'm the invisible guy next to all of you......
  17. JoeShmo

    JoeShmo Squirrel

    Speaking of the invisible guy next to all of us.......

    How goes the class system changes?

    I noticed that the first rank "havent chosen a rank" can equip everything just fine (or what seems to be everything) , yet as soon as you /rankup once you lose the ability to use 99% of the accessories and weapons. Ranking up into magic/melee/ranged doesnt seem to alter any of that (it says you gain the ability to use a very select few items each rank, not enough to work with).

    Just thought id put an inquiry out, since it does make the meat of the game empty, not being able to use hardly any gear.
  18. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    Hi Joe,

    Basically once I finalize the ranking system (still in test phase), you will not be able to gain exp when you kill mobs as an Unranked player.

    Once you decide to play as a ranked player, you must do so via the rules of each rank, and slowly build yourself up (trust me alot of players have already done it), its more a challenge then anything.

    But this mode is completely optional, so you can stay as an unranked player.

    The only different between a ranked player and an unranked player, will be events and permissions.

    An unranked player will have access to almost no items during an event, where an ranked player has access to all his unlocks.

    Secondly, a ranked player will gain more permissions the higher rank he gets, where an unranked player will have almost no permissions.

  19. JoeShmo

    JoeShmo Squirrel

    Alright, the grand picture seems very reasonable. I was just curious since atm, you cannot play as a magic or ranged user initially, even with ranks in those classes ( bows, gem staves, throwables, etc. all return "server is ignoring your action" remarks) , along with almost all the accessories. It really is a challenge to play with only a broadsword and some armor ^.^ , ha.

    Looking forward to see how it fleshes out as it gets finalized.
  20. Wutnold124

    Wutnold124 Demon Eye

    Server restart! o3o

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