Dedicated IcyTerraria v1.2.0.2 [tShock][SSC][Currency]

Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers' started by IcyPhoenix, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime


    Want a server that allows you to show your creativity, whilst having fun killing and slaughtering your way up to the top, well then Join in!

    Server Side Characters are enabled on this server (meaning your character will be overwritten with a new character, your single player items will not be affected).

    Latest News

    Hey All,

    So IcyTerraria is back, currently still in testing phase, due to tShock being in pre-release state, as it stands currently - Inventories still maybe reset during final launch, but its a low chance (this is due to inventory bugs caused by SSC).

    I am also looking for new admins and mods, you cannot apply for them, they will be given to those who are online constantly, and help others.

    For now enjoy and report any bugs you find @


    Server Started on: 01/10/2013
    Last update: 05/10/2013

    Server IP & Misc

    Ports are listed below
    [Online Offline]
    Build Server(7776): Online
    Normal Mode Server(7777): Online
    Hard Mode Server(7778): Online

    Current Tool(s) of the Week
    • Events still in planning.
    Current Events
    • Events still in planning.
    Server Plugins
    • Seconomy
    • Worldedit
    • Class System (not active)
    • More to come once updated
    Server Rules and Regulations
    • Server Side Inventory, Means Completely New Characters Only
      • If it asks you to remove all items, just do it, starter equipment is in the chest directly left of you from the spawn (including carrot), this is in port 7776 only.
    • Banned Items (some will be removed once you are trusted):
      • Dynamite
      • Bombs
      • Explosives
      • Piggy Bank/Safe (will not be removed)
      • Bucket of Lava
      • Sand Blocks
      • Sand Gun
      • Dirt Rod
    • Boss Spawning disabled (will be removed once you are trusted)
    Detailed Break down of Servers
    Build Server (7776)
    • Map will never reset
    • Ground cannot be destroyed until you rank up (minimum rank Challenger)
    • 3 layers to build in
      • Sky
      • Ground Level
      • Hell
    • No Monsters will spawn Naturally
    • Chest Protection - all chests will automatically protect when placed down
    • Advanced Circuits has been activated on this server, but normal circuits can also be used
    • There is no limitation to where you build, as long as you leave room for expansion for the house next to yours (Building requires an admin to provide space)
    • This server is purely for building no ores will exist on the server
    Normal Mode (7777)
    • Chests will respawn on the server every couple hours, 900 at a time
    • Trees will be replanted every couple hours
    • Life Crystals will be spawned every couple hours, 400 at a time
    • Server resets every 1 - 2 Days
    • This server cannot be made into hard mode
    • All chests on this server contain ANY normal mode item
    • Chest protection does not exist on this server
    • Economy system is activated on this server allowing you to gain server side currency
    Hard Mode (7778)
    • Chests will respawn on the server once a day, 900 at a time
    • Trees will be replanted once a day
    • Server resets every 2 - 3 days
    • This server can be made into hard mode
    • All chests on this server contain ANY normal mode item
    • Chest protection does not exist on this server
    • Economy system is activated on this server allowing you to gain server side currency
    Currency Purchase Table
    --Not Implemented Yet--
    * Warning abuse of these permissions will have them revoked and no refund of shards will be given.
    * Permissions are non-refundable and cannot be traded back for your original shards
    * Permissions can be traded to other players for shards

    • Titles on this server are as follows (currently ranking is not possible):
      • Adventure : Default Group no special permissions
      • Challenger : Can summon Bosses
      • Freelancer : Can Class Change
      • Scout : Can use Ranked Weapons
      • Squire: Can use Melee Weapons
      • Apprentice: Can use Magic Weapons
      • Others to be discovered...
    • Bought titles will have the equivalent of your current status.
    • Admins are labelled with [Admin] as their suffix
    • Moderators are labelled with [Mod] as their suffix
    For support message me at: admin[at]

    As I am paying for the VPS donations are welcomed but not necessary:

    Donation rewards accumulative:
    • Free custom title/custom color (10$+)
    • Auto upgrade to Freelancer group (5$+)
  2. CueBallz

    CueBallz Green Slime

    Sounds awesome
  3. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    This server is now running on tshock, and is currently undergoing tests.

    SSI is now enabled - forcing you to have a new character, and you must login and register to play

    /register (password)
    /login (password)
  4. Daikoru

    Daikoru Tim

    Can you update the server to version I can't log-in because it isn't...
  5. Dez101

    Dez101 Zombie

    I'm having the same problem
  6. KaosC57

    KaosC57 Demon Eye

    Yea, server needs to be updated to or nobody can log in.
  7. Was really looking forward to push through a new terraria experience with some good peeps, but guess I'll have to either wait for this server to be updated, or look elsewhere =/
  8. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    Hi Guys,

    The server is now updating.

    Will be around 2minutes.

  9. Hoooweee!
  10. spazythespaz

    spazythespaz Hell Bat

    I can't get in. I wanted to start on a fun permi server for a bit.
  11. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    Hi All,

    Server is now updated.

    Any issues please post here.

  12. Kilianshaw

    Kilianshaw Squirrel

    Not connecting for me sadly.
  13. Kotsa

    Kotsa Squirrel

    you need ban those items there are ID
    266 : Sandgun
    580 : Explosives
    166 : Bomb
    167 : Dynamite
    235 : Sticky Bomb
    206 : Water Bucket
    207 : Lava Bucket

    if dont want get griefed :)
  14. axolotemen

    axolotemen Giant Worm

    Doenst work and i have updated terraria
  15. CueBallz

    CueBallz Green Slime

    I got banned for nothing, I wanna know what i did.
  16. IcyPhoenix

    IcyPhoenix Lava Slime

    Hi Cue,

    that was a bug in the code, you can rejoin now - apologies.

  17. Xakorik

    Xakorik Angel Statue

    You have a Griefer on the server by the name of TOM
  18. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Water Bucket shouldn't be banned, but I agree with everything else.
  19. kdeas13

    kdeas13 Squirrel

    Not only is the server getting griefed theres a dude giving endgame items to people...
  20. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Piranha

    Good server
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