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    I have some ideas of some bosses, mini-bosses, enemy's, items, NPC's, and locations. These are my ideas.​
    Goblin King: 4000 health, slow, high armor, jumps very high.​
    He could apear at the end of a goblin army attack if you never died once durring it.​

    Wasp queen: 2000 health, very fast, low armour, fly's around.​
    Put togather 30 stingers at a demon altair. She can only be summoned at the underground jungle.​

    Krakken: 5000 health, normal speed, high armor, swim's in water.​
    It is summoned by holding a fish infront of the water temple entrance (will tell you later)​

    Meteor Monster: 7000 health, fast hands slow feet, high armor.​
    It is summoned by 50 meteorite bars put togather with 25 fallen stars at a demon altair. He throws stars at you and spawns meteor heads. an end game boss.​

    Dark Side of the Moon: 10000 health, teleports, high armor. shoots darkness that deal 75 damage. Attackes are vary slow.​

    Yeti: 1000 health, 25 damage, slow can't jump high.​
    Has another attack to make ice spikes come out of the ground.​
    Venus Flytrap: 1000 health, 10 damage, fast can stretch itself.​
    Can spit asid at the player when out of range.​
    Flame Demon: 1000 health, 5 damage, can teleport, small, can float in mid-air.​
    Can shoot a beam of fire that can light aflame anything flamable (wood, grass)​
    Vulture: 1000 health, 15 damage, normal speed, can fly.​
    When it bites you half of the damage heal's it.​

    Squids: inside the water temple. 40 health. weak​
    Shark: Inside the water temple. 50 health. strong​
    Siren: Inside the water temple. 30 health. screeches at you, very strong.​
    Valcano: Blasts lava out of a small pit, found by a fire dragon​
    Blizzard: Raging snow that slowly hurts you, found by an ice dragon​
    Tornado: throws you into the air to take fall damage, found by a wind dragon.​
    Royal Sword: 20 damage, fast speed, dropped by goblin king​
    Goblin Armor: 50% more melee speed, 25 defence total, dropped by the goblin king.​
    Fire staff: Shoots a fire ball at the enemy, 7 damage, 5 mana.​
    Ice sword: long sword that does extra damage to grass enemys, 15 damage, fast.​
    Grass whip: Long range, 10 damage, fast.​
    Wind bow: Bow that has free, endless arrows made of wind, 5 mana.​
    Better Bag: one more inventory slot, dropped by Meteor Monster.​
    Space Ship Parts: 5 parts, 20% drop rate, dropped by a Meteor Monster.​
    Space Ship: Forge with all 5 Space Ship Parts at a hellforge. sends you into space (Will talk about later)​
    Space suit: Can breath in space, dropped from the Meteor Monster​
    Poison darts: Found from the Wasp Queen, 5 damage, poisons your target so it will deal 5 continuous damage for 5 seconds.​
    Megaphone: rarly dropped by Sirens, 15 damage to enemys, ranged. Does not slow down in water.​
    Shark armor: Makes you swim twice as fast in water and can breath underwater. 18 defence total, makes you look like a shark. made from shark skin and Shark Scales.​
    Tentacal whip: dropped by the Krakken, 18 damage, can drag enemys within range (Like throwing them down a pit).​
    Mage: A NPC that sells disposable magic that is for one time use, like a fire ball, or a freeze ball.​
    Teleporter: teleports you to locations for a fee, like the underground jungle or hell.​
    Geologist: Sell's rare gem's.​
    Water Temple: A massive underground cave full of water. to breath, you need to catch a bubble that rises up from special rocks. All underwater enemy's are there, and can only summon the Krakken there.​
    Space: zero gravite, can only go there with the space ship and can only breath with the space suit. Meteor heads spawn there in large numbers and is a good sorce of meteorite or and moon ore. put moon ore togather to face the dark side of the moon.​
    Pocket Demension: 50 foot world across and 100 in hight. Special demension where you can battle any of the bosses that you have defeated at least once. you get there by buying a teleport pad from the teleporter NPC for 25 gold.​

    Please reply if you think something needs fixing or something that could me added!​
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    Some awesome ideas! Hope this can be seen by the makers of Terraria.
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    Like it so Redigit or Blue will see this!!!

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