If redigit was a npc...

Discussion in 'PC' started by Sir8BitHero, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Sir8BitHero

    Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    If you've played terraria you'd know that you can get various npcs that move into your house, each time you talk to them they give you a different sentence from a selection of sentences.
    If redigit was to become a new type of merchant what do you think he should say?
    (Thinking of making a mod where redigit is a merchant so this could help me out to.)
    What redigit will sell:
    The zappinator (yes I added it back into the game :) (confirmed)
    A set of redigit vanity clothing (confirmed)
    Maybe a redigit voodoo doll that spawns a redigit boss? (not confirmed)

    Feel free to suggest more items he could sell!
    No personal attacks.
  2. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    No personal attacks? Ok, I'll leave...

    OT: What would he SELL? Redigit caps?
  3. Sir8BitHero

    Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    I added the zappinator back into the game so he'll sell that. (confirmed)
    I also made his avatar into a vanity set of clothing, so he will also sell that. (confirmed)
    Maybe a redigit vodoo doll that spawns a giant redigit. (not confirmed)
  4. Shikari XI

    Shikari XI Illuminant Slime

    You should totally make it happen lol, I find it to be an interesting idea. You got my thumbs up :)
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  5. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Maybe he could sell a troll face vanity mask, cost is 10 platinum, and it can only be worn for 1 minute and then it disappears from your inventory forever.
  6. Sir8BitHero

    Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    keep em coming!

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