If the 1.2 update had a name...

Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by iRandomness, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. iRandomness

    iRandomness Yellow Slime

    Pretty simple. Knowing almost nothing about the 1.2 update so far, if you guys had to give the update a name, what would you call it?

    I'd call it Redigit: Redux.
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  2. Alizarin

    Alizarin The Groom

    Terraria 1.2 The Water Fall Of Content!
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  3. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    " Call of Baldur's Legend of Mass Mega League of Silent Super Metal Gears of Half-Dead-Star MineDiablo-ariagicka Bound Fortress Island Sonic-Man-Fox-Sweeper vs Rayman's Final-Raving Zombie-Dragon Effect Fantasycraft 4: Wrath of the Legacy of the Swarm-strike Forever's Arkham Empire of Brotherhood at Black-Reach's Rainbow Ocarnia of Fallen Inferno Princess of Might and Meatboy's Haunted Mansion Ops-land of the Mad God of Cooking Mama's Bat "
  4. It's so long it had to be cut short...
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  5. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Flying Snake

    Cooking... yes.. cooking...
  6. DanielMeltzer

    DanielMeltzer Squirrel

    Terraria 1.2: The Return
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  7. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Terraria: Rise of Silthulu

    Terraria: Earthbound

    Terraria: The Redigit Redemption

    Terraria: Now with 50% More Bacon

    Terraria: Droppin Back Down to 8 Bits

    Terraria: Dig Dug Ain't Got Nuthin on Me

    I'm sure I'll have more...lol. Fun topic. :)
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  8. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    New contest, The top answers will be on the loading screen. Go!
  9. Paranσid

    Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

    Terraria: Sand got nerfed
    at least i tried
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  10. holyheadshot

    holyheadshot Green Slime

    Terraria 1.2 - Caaaan Yooouuuuuu Diiiiiiigit!
    Terraria 1.2 - Unearthed
    Terraria 1.2 - Under The Crust
    Terraria 1.2 - Six Feet Under
    Terraria 1.2 - Ore's Well That Ends Well
    Terraria 1.2 - Hidden Caverns
    Terraria 1.2 - Into The Depths

    Just a few, I'll keep pondering ;O)
  11. SonicR

    SonicR Bone Serpent

    Terraria: It's Bigger on the Inside! (Doctor Who reference here :p)
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  12. MinishMagic

    MinishMagic Cursed Man

    Terraria: Waterfalls
    Terraria: The Return of the Pick
    Terraria: Now in 3D!
    Terraria: Stick to the program
    Terraria: Nova
    Terraria: Diggin down and diggin deeper
    Terraria: Buddy System
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  13. Mistress Rarity

    Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    Confirmed. Terraria next Megaman, Metroid, Castlevania, Call of Duty, Halo, Mario, and Sonic.. You heard it here first.
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  14. Icepick

    Icepick Green Slime

    Now with more booze!
    The only pets you need are in a bowl. On your head.
    Revenge of the slimes.
    Pinky's big adventure.

    (this is fun, will try to think of more)
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  15. Pokenar

    Pokenar Penguin

    Terraria: Adamantite bricks at last
    May edit this with others later
  16. Legoman

    Legoman Green Slime

    Terraria: May contain traces of horse DNA
  17. JoshHarmony

    JoshHarmony Piranha

    Terraria: Who needs a social life when you've got bacon?
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  18. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Flying Snake

    Dig, Fight, Explore, Bacon
  19. Unik

    Unik Green Slime

    Redigit alert: Terrarian Suns
    Terraria: Now with 246.5% more burst processing
    Terraria: Controllers are for noobs
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  20. Wooren

    Wooren Possessed Armor

    Terraria: The unknown update
    Terraria:He is back...
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