If you could dual-wield any combination of weapons, which one would you choose?

Discussion in 'PC' started by MagicPowerPotion, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. MagicPowerPotion

    MagicPowerPotion Green Slime

    I always wanted a dual-wielding option in Terraria, just so I could cut down trees and snipe slimes at the same time. If there's any combination I would use, it would be two Megasharks. Double the damage and only one consumes ammo.
  2. OmegaStorm0511

    OmegaStorm0511 Cursed Skull

    Obsidian Shield and Excalibur.


    Fuck yeah.
  3. Rokas :3

    Rokas :3 Clown

    i have no idea :insert medic here: maybe 2 megasharks for rambo effect... maybe?
  4. zacattack410

    zacattack410 Green Slime

    Two wooden hammers=pwnt
  5. Goub0

    Goub0 Fire Imp

    This might be said multiple times Nights edge and excalibur :p
  6. MagicPowerPotion

    MagicPowerPotion Green Slime

  7. RainWanderer

    RainWanderer Unicorn

    Dual crystal storm. Crystal Cyclone!
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  8. Jaguargirl

    Jaguargirl Devourer

    Megashark (w/ Cursed bullet) and Crystal Storm. Blue and green EVERYWHERE
  9. sylux24

    sylux24 Green Slime

    What about two shotguns ? :D
    cuz you know :
    Double the gun, double the fun :cool:

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  10. Twiganator12

    Twiganator12 Yellow Slime

    magic harp and crystal storm . its a slow death
  11. Lucama221

    Lucama221 Bone Serpent

    Clockwork Assault Rifle and Light Discs, SPAMMMMMMMM!!!!!
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  12. jo brandon

    jo brandon Piranha

    a magical harp..... thats all, a harp must be played with 2 hands
  13. jaxter0987

    jaxter0987 Cursed Skull

    I second this. I <3 the Crystal Storm. Otherwise, I'd dual wield two Megasharks with Crystal Bullets for epic shrapnel ownage.
  14. qsdcv

    qsdcv Green Slime

    Copper shortsword and Excalibur... OBVIOUSLY
  15. jaxter0987

    jaxter0987 Cursed Skull

    Lol, I didn't even think of that. An Off-hand weapon to be used for parrying. Nice! =P
  16. commanderj54

    commanderj54 Green Slime

    cursed flames and shotgun
  17. terrariaBurak

    terrariaBurak Piranha

    Is dual weird isnt a old RPG skill?Whatever my anvser..

    Dual Light discs(Each light disc cotains 5 disc)
  18. Eater of Forums

    Eater of Forums Cursed Skull

    Chair and a Table. After i kill a bird, i can place both so i can have a snack.
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  19. r9310

    r9310 Cursed Man

    excalibur and megashark :3
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  20. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    2 Excaliburs, double the damage, double the speed, double the epicness...
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