If you could dual-wield any combination of weapons, which one would you choose?

Discussion in 'PC' started by MagicPowerPotion, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. MagicPowerPotion Green Slime

    I always wanted a dual-wielding option in Terraria, just so I could cut down trees and snipe slimes at the same time. If there's any combination I would use, it would be two Megasharks. Double the damage and only one consumes ammo.
  2. OmegaStorm0511 Cursed Skull

    Obsidian Shield and Excalibur.


    Fuck yeah.
  3. Rokas :3 Clown

    i have no idea :insert medic here: maybe 2 megasharks for rambo effect... maybe?
  4. zacattack410 Green Slime

    Two wooden hammers=pwnt
  5. Goub0 Fire Imp

    This might be said multiple times Nights edge and excalibur :p
  6. MagicPowerPotion Green Slime

  7. RainWanderer Unicorn

    Dual crystal storm. Crystal Cyclone!
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  8. Jaguargirl Devourer

    Megashark (w/ Cursed bullet) and Crystal Storm. Blue and green EVERYWHERE
  9. sylux24 Green Slime

    What about two shotguns ? :D
    cuz you know :
    Double the gun, double the fun :cool:

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  10. Twiganator12 Yellow Slime

    magic harp and crystal storm . its a slow death
  11. Lucama221 Bone Serpent

    Clockwork Assault Rifle and Light Discs, SPAMMMMMMMM!!!!!
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  12. jo brandon Piranha

    a magical harp..... thats all, a harp must be played with 2 hands
  13. jaxter0987 Cursed Skull

    I second this. I <3 the Crystal Storm. Otherwise, I'd dual wield two Megasharks with Crystal Bullets for epic shrapnel ownage.
  14. qsdcv Green Slime

    Copper shortsword and Excalibur... OBVIOUSLY
  15. jaxter0987 Cursed Skull

    Lol, I didn't even think of that. An Off-hand weapon to be used for parrying. Nice! =P
  16. commanderj54 Green Slime

    cursed flames and shotgun
  17. terrariaBurak Piranha

    Is dual weird isnt a old RPG skill?Whatever my anvser..

    Dual Light discs(Each light disc cotains 5 disc)
  18. Eater of Forums Cursed Skull

    Chair and a Table. After i kill a bird, i can place both so i can have a snack.
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  19. r9310 Cursed Man

    excalibur and megashark :3
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  20. Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    2 Excaliburs, double the damage, double the speed, double the epicness...
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