I'm back, lost account and don't know whats going on!

Discussion in 'PC' started by klay54, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. klay54

    klay54 Green Slime

    been awhile, after my 368 hours of Terraria I left the game and all of the forums behind, hows it been and whats changed? haven't seen any updates and friends have stopped talking about it. Soooo, I looked through my steam and started to play again and I thought I might as well say hello to everyone again. so, has anything changed? good or bad? :O my ole gear. c':
  2. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    You didn't miss anything. Creation Compendiums. That's about it. Oh, and whales for Terraria in console version.

    Nothing has changed in these super inert forums since 9 months ago. You can even hear echoes.

    Echo... echo... echo...
  3. klay54

    klay54 Green Slime

    I see, Terraria pretty much died..In a way..way..way.. <:0
  4. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Terraria is being ported to Xbox and Ps3 with new content.
  5. nogloxiator

    nogloxiator Clinger

    Half of the 10 year olds asked why terraraia stopped updating.
  6. Gabriel91SatanGod

    Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    The reason is: Redigit is busy, you can't stop telling something to keep on going! If it keeps on getting new content, it'll be shit! Its like adding too much pepper to food will make it stink right? Exactly.
  7. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    I would say that's incredibly flawed reasoning. In my opinion Terraria is about open-ended exploration. You can't really go wrong with adding new content.
  8. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    If you're unmotivated, it'll probably turn out like crap.
  9. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    I'd wager that's a factor in why Red stopped development.
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  10. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    I wish George Lucas had quit the first time he was bored....and the second.

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