Indie Games You Enjoy/Following!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DMiBY, May 31, 2011.

  1. Bobrocket


    Also, Minecraft is £12 :)
  2. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    I put it in euros as it is the default price that everyone sees when buying it. :)
  3. Bobrocket


    Fair beans
  4. shadowfoxx

    shadowfoxx Green Slime

    realm of the mad god is a good indie game
    plus me playing minecraft and terraria
  5. Mobyduck

    Mobyduck Green Slime

    These are the indie games that I've played, am playing or want to play:

    Atom Zombie Smasher;
    Delve Deeper;
    Desktop Dungeon;
    Gravity Bone;
    Dungeon Defender;
    Revenge of Titans;
    and too many flash indie games to count.
  6. SilverVirage

    SilverVirage Cursed Skull

    sweet mother of god ive never had such a boner

    I have a lot of them already but the rest are new so I'm definitely going to check that out. It also reminded me to talk about a few more.

    Stone Soup: Crawl and Nethack are widely considered the best Rogue-likes of all time, and for good reason. Crawl is my personal favorite, tons more customization. But Nethack has more than a few crazy moments of "why did the developers code that in? I mean, I'm glad they did cause damn, but why?"

    Yume Nikki. Bizarre. Terrifying. Those are the only two words that I can think of to describe this game. I kinda have a problem with the complete and utter lack of direction, but I guess that's the point.

    Iji is one of my favorite games ever. Metroid with RPG elements and an amazing, branching story, though there are never times where you realize that you have to make a choice, you just continue the way that you normally would. Then when you realize what you did later, it really makes you think.
  7. Jderz

    Jderz Green Slime

    Damn nice thread!

    Unreal World - Survival Roguelike developed by a couple of finnish guys. If you REALLY want a survival game - this is as survival as it gets. Very cool don't judge by the graphics.

    Aquaria - Metroidvania game with gorgeous 2d graphics. Great story too.

    Spelunky - Made by one of the guys that worked on Aquaria. It's a cave exploring game that is extremely brutal but very fun. Caves are randomly generated each time you start over.

    AI War - RTS/4x/tower defense/grand strategy. Combine that with the most cunning and brutal AI I have ever seen in a game. Amazing game.
  8. RancidShamble

    RancidShamble Green Slime

    I've been wondering about this game! Looks fun but hard. I've also been trying to get into the beta of World of the Living Dead
  9. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    Looks pretty cool and a great use out of Google Maps! :D Hopefully it will play on my laptop. Just signed up for Beta testing with two emails. :D
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  10. HalfBakedCheeto

    HalfBakedCheeto Green Slime

    I've been looking forward to a game called Fez for ahwile now, it looks like it's going to be an amazing platformer. c':

    And yes, it has literaly thousands of Doctor Who fans quoting the fez. c:
  11. RancidShamble

    RancidShamble Green Slime

    That looks sweet! That trailer kind of made me dizzy haha. But :( I don't have XBLA
  12. myopia

    myopia Green Slime

  13. Caretaker

    Caretaker Demon Eye

    Definitely going to consider getting Fez on XBLA when it comes out. Limbo and Braid are some of the awesome indie games that came out on XBLA as well.
  14. HalfBakedCheeto

    HalfBakedCheeto Green Slime

    Yeah, it sucks, i'd much rather have it on Steam. :c
  15. Epic Duck

    Epic Duck Green Slime

    Sanctum, Terraria (herp) and Minecraft (derp). That's pretty much it. I don't like many games, I'm a bit critical when it comes to that sort of thing.
  16. Hong Meiling

    Hong Meiling Penguin

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned VVVVVV! It's a fun but difficult platformer where you switch gravity instead of jumping. Makes for some interesting jump puzzles. It, unfortunately, isn't free though, so you have to be willing to shell out 10 dollars or so for it. It's WELL worth the price tag though.

    As for freeware, I would have to recommend Bonesaw: The Game and Desktop Dungeons mainly, as well as Cave Story. Eversion is a lot of fun too, but don't play it if...
    Well, I'll just leave you with what the game warns you with: "Not suited for children or a person with a nervous disposition".

    Well, that's KINDA what it said. Close enough. :3
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  17. Jderz

    Jderz Green Slime

    It was just on sale for $2.50 on steam. I so bought that mother.
  18. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    Just looked at VVVVV, it was £3.99 which is a good price. Going to check out the demo due to it requiring 2ghz and I have 2.2ghz.
  19. Hong Meiling

    Hong Meiling Penguin

    You won't be disappointed.
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  20. Xychosis

    Xychosis Piranha

    This. This so much.
    Aquaria is fantastic and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good 2D game.

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