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Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by Shockah, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    So, today, I was listening to the Terraria's OST, and couldn't figure out for what is used the 'Boss 3' song (I know now - for The Destroyer and Frost Legion), and thought that it would be nice for some kind of an industrial or factory biome.

    So I started writing out ideas, and I'd like to hear yours, too!

    Content #1 (open)

    • Conveyor Belts - would move players, items, NPCs and projectiles (you won't be able to see it for most of them - the only ones I can think of that would be visible on, are bombs and dynamite)
    • Assembly Machines - automatically creates new robotic NPCs (enemies) - some kind of a NPC spawner
    • Machines - usable by players, probably codable (either with drag&drop interface with built-in actions, or using Lua or custom scripting language)
    • Building Machines - 'advanced' (well, not really, but whatever) versions of standard Machines, using schematics (which can be defined using already built structures) - put materials in it and let it do its stuff!
    • Robots, Cyborgs - enemies (any specific ideas?)
    • Flame, Laser Traps
    • Automatic Sentry Turrets - slowly turning to the direction of the closest/currently targeted player
    • Healing, Energizing, Buffing Pad - stand on/near it for HP/MP regen or buff
    • Impervious Factory Bricks - indestructible blocks (well, kinda; read below)
    • Energy Generator - generates power in a radius around it, can be disabled (on click / by wires) - Flame, Laser Traps and Sentry Turrets without energy source stop working, making it safe to go further; Factory Bricks start being destructible without energy source
    • Boss: Sentinel Proxima - kinda stole this idea from a game called Iji (awesome and free-to-play game made in Game Maker, go play it, NAO!)
      [​IMG] (just a YouTube video, posted as link to preserve the starting time (14:03))
    • Pre-hardmode but post-non-hardmode (lol) zone - available after beating the Wall of Flesh, but before beating any of the Hardmode bosses (or post-hardmode, but then available after beating all 3 Hardmode bosses)
    • Changed recipes of hardmode boss-summoning items - only if it would be a post-non-hardmode zone
    • Obviously using 'Boss 3' as the main song :p
    Content #2 (open)

    • Elevators
    • New ammo type + weapons using it - Energy - you can get it by crafting/buying/looting an item which generates energy from your current mana (like, idk, 50 mana for one energy)
    • Generator Machines - machines that generate energy ammo from Mana Crystals (infinite, automatic, but slow energy income) - leave it running, go explore, get back for energy!
    • Energy could be used for machines to work - so they (the codable and building machines) won't work infinitely
    • Fireworks - the more energy you provide to it, the bigger and more awesome the explosion!
    • (just maybe) Advanced wiring possibilities - logic gates, delayers (heheh *looks at Yoraiz0r's Holodiodes*), crossovers
    • Force Fields - uses energy to work, reflects projectiles, knocks back enemies
    • Mirrors - could be a fun thing to use with lasers!
    • Beam Gun - weapon, uses energy - pierces through blocks, lower damage with each passed block

    I could be the one coding this whole mod, although I'd be glad to see people willing to help :p. Especially 2D artists - I can't do sprites. I suck at making them. Like, really. I *could* record some sounds, but I can't make sprites. Totally.
  2. Cavious

    Cavious Demon Eye

    This mod looks really nice. I'll try if it comes out
  3. Macbuk

    Macbuk Cave Bat

    Nice ideas, I'd add something like automatic drill that keeps mining the block above/below it. Also auto collecting chests, for automatic obsidian or fish generators.

    PS. Pamiętam Twoje mody jeszcze z Minecrafta, miło, że bawisz się też w Terrarii. Powodzenia. ^^
  4. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    (let's just use English, okay? :p)

    Well, that's what will the codable machines be used for.
  5. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    I would make some things. Also note the concrete/asphalt/ibeam tiles in eikesters pack.
  6. Wigglesniff

    Wigglesniff World Feeder

    I was working on this type of thing with the idea from a group I'm working with ... sorta. The factory idea we had was pretty much a hardmode version of the dungeon containing advanced traps, lots of lava, machinery etc.
  7. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Okay okay guys, but I need ideas :p
  8. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Updated with new content!
    Also, working on worldgen code right now.

    Post your ideas!
  9. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I highly suggest re-writing the energy revolving-about idea , the messages in content #2 sort of contradict themselves.

    Other then that , since you spammed me today about writing ideas and I disagree with how you're going about the energy system in's how I would go at it.

    Add a new player stat , energy and maxenergy , numbers in full numbers.
    they'd have their own bar.

    the player can have some sort of a device to control the maximum amount of energy they have , but the base max amount should probably start low.....and in addition
    -equipment should be able to raise the max energy.
    -characters should be able to permanently increase the amount in the same way as heart crystals or mana crystals
    (or obviously a combination of both).

    some other general info
    -energy should not regenerate at all by basis.
    -energy should be replenish-able by several sources (beats me what , machines , auras , pads of energy recharge , energy packets , enemy drops , special weapons / conditions , tampons , whatever)
    -items that use energy can consume a certain amount per shot , a starting example would be a semi-strong ranged weapon that in a starting energy levels amount will allow the user to make 20 to 40 shots before needing a recharge , and no auto-fire. (make max energy 20 , if its fully charged , the weapon takes 1 or 2 energy per shot)

    As for machines and energy , I'd go about the way minecraft mods did , it was rather successful in application.
    Generators , that's all she wrote.
    Legitimately speaking , you'd make machines (tiles) which can have a consumable input of some sort , and they will convert that input into an output over a time frame (wood/gel -> heat -> energy , for example)
    And because some players are lazy.....add automatic ways to gather energy too. (windmill tiles , solar panels , generators that use the heat of lava around them)

    Some extra crap
    -like industrial craft from minecraft , if you go about the tiles the way they have been mentioned in this post , each machine would have an input slot , and an output slot aside the displays of current energy it holds, and as such you can put items in the output area to make pass energy from the machine into them (so , suppose my energy is kept on some accessory , i would shove the accessory into the output slot , let it charge , and take it back on me)
    -Items with no ability to replenish in random areas should have a high level of sustainability or they will rarely ever be used.

    and uhm I just noticed my time ran gn hope I didn't forget anything as I didn't proofread my text.
  10. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Well, I'm mostly just listing ideas - most of them will probably make it into the mod, but not all of them.
    Hmm, your energy concept... It's similar to my idea, but without the use of items (well, maybe other than the item/device that holds up energy).
    I don't know about wood/gel -> heat -> energy idea. I kinda wanted this energy to be a half-magical and half-mechanical. A fusion of science and fantasy, you could say. Machines that use magic for generating power.
  11. Sephu

    Sephu Piranha

    This. I've been wanting this in Terraria for a while. A large part of the reason I ever bought minecraft was for Industrialcraft. I love the whole.. Start from dirt and work to nuclear power plants idea.
  12. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    hence the words right after , 'for example'.
    there are plenty of ways you can make energy happen.
    -heat around the machine
    -cold around the machine
    -corruption around the machine even
    -MAKE corruption around the machine :p (something that drains the good will from the land or something , i dunno)
    -star powered machine
    -step upon-powered machine (In the past , I had an idea where there was a jam making machine where you put fruit inside and jump on it , and then people would put some of those in a row and start running left and right to trigger 'squishing' on all the machines! xD)
    -you can even make fighting based machines , such as 'for every enemy that dies within 100 tiles radius , this machine gets X energy'.
    -random ideas before im getting released from the military :D~
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  13. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

  14. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

  15. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Cool, won't be able to check it right now though, need to get some sleep before this weekend's anime&manga convention in my city :p
  16. TrinityMoon

    TrinityMoon Cursed Skull

    Should add some friendly robots which protect ur home or fort where there created.
  17. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Hmm, just got an idea - Deconstruction Machine: It would be able to uncraft items into the materials it was built from.
    (not posting it in the OP, as it's too little to put as "Content #3")
  18. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Okay guys. Just for the sake of it. Making right now the first item that uses energy. Oh god.
  19. lunicuss

    lunicuss Eskimo Zombie


    Power Generation

    Show Spoiler
    Alright, so the generator is a simple tile, it is 4x4, with a small meter on the side of it. Not sure about looks other then the meter, but basically, you right click it and it opens up an interface. On one side, there's a box for items which is labelled input, and on the other, there's an output box. In the center, there's a meter bar.
    How it works is quite simple, you put an energy source in - gel, a battery, a power crystal, coal, etc. Once you put an item in, it slowly consumes them, and outputs them as energy.
    How do you collect the energy, you ask. Well, you can put various energy storage items into the output box - empty powercrystals, empty batterys, etc, and it will fill them up.
    If you don't have a power storage item in the output, it fills up the meter.
    If there's a cable connected to the generator (we'll talk about this later), it drains the meter.

    Show Spoiler
    The Hydro Power tile is similar item to the generator, it looks like a spinning blade/waterwheel.
    When right clicked, it looks and acts similarly to the generator, except for the input. Instead of using gel or a fuel for input, it's just blank. It generates power slowly if it's in the ocean, which fills meters or power storage items.

    I'll add more to this but I have to go for now, also how does one change the 'show spoiler' to anything I want?

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