Instant grabbable glowsticks

Discussion in 'Items' started by TheUnbeholden, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. TheUnbeholden

    TheUnbeholden Angel Statue

    Thats a little mod I would like, I find myself rarely using torches and scubadiving alot. Having to back track for my glowsticks and leaving some behind seems odd to me. And I don't want to be stuck in the dark with no light source if I accidentally drop all of my glowsticks.
  2. thelastflame50

    thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    The problem is, you'd probably just instantly pick them up again if this happened unless you had to click to make them grabbable.
  3. TheUnbeholden

    TheUnbeholden Angel Statue

    yes right click to grab, you know like torches?
  4. CrystalChaos

    CrystalChaos Cursed Man

    This is a nifty idea. I don't really think it's one of the most important suggestions, considering the existence of cursed torches (which, admittedly, you don't get until WAY later in the game), but it's a good idea nonetheless.

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