PC Interview with Andrew Spinks, Designer behind Terraria (Release Date Talk)

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Kane, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Little late to the show on this one. But since most people have not seen it I thought I better share it with you guys. Our friends at Nightmare Mode had a interview with Andrew Spinks as you guys know as Redigit.

    Not much to note from accept one big one and I would say that is the release date. "Currently we are aiming for a release sometime between May and July of this year."

    It sounds like having the gap be this Month all the way to July that it might in fact come out this Month but they are finalizing any last minute steps. But who knows its all speculation!

    You can find the whole interview here:
  2. Michael Truong

    Michael Truong Green Slime

    is there any way u know what the price for the game is gnna be? and if u can how are we people going to pay?
  3. countchocula86

    countchocula86 Dark Caster

    They really havent finalized any decisions about payment mostly because they are still in discussion with a distributor who would dictate payment method.
  4. Mikesteam1234

    Mikesteam1234 Dark Caster

    i was hoping he would say "the game will be released in exactly 2 minutes"!

    hearing that it will be out in may is awsome! I CANT W8!
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  5. TBone105

    TBone105 Green Slime

    Hoping for a May release, but whenever it comes out I'm confident it will be worth any wait.
  6. Cronik

    Cronik Face Monster

    well don't be surprised if logistics holds it up longer than they plan. may is probably an optimistic goal, but i'd sure be happy if it came true!

    hell i dunno if i can make it to the weekend without terraria atm......

    on the other side of things, i liked hearing about the alpha numbers. i don't think we heard that before, so hearing "team of 20" is pretty cool!
  7. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    meh nothing new =(
  8. Azure Kitsune

    Azure Kitsune Green Slime

    Well that didn't seem to reveal too much regarding the coveted date. Oh well, more speculation for us, huh?
  9. Icepick

    Icepick Green Slime

    That doesn't reveal ANYthing... He's been saying that same thing in one form or another since I heard about this game. :) He just said the names of the months instead of saying the range of numbers.

    Just saying...
  10. verynoname

    verynoname Green Slime

    May release. Flabbergasted. When it comes out, it will be AWESOME!
  11. Cronik

    Cronik Face Monster

    i'm sobbing inside thinking that it might still be two and a half months out.
  12. Funkasaurus_Rex

    Funkasaurus_Rex Green Slime

    What's going on in your picture because I'm finding it quite disturbing as I have pet mice and rats...
  13. Cronik

    Cronik Face Monster

    it's a mouse that got stuck in an commercial/office printer. the people couldn't figure out what was wrong with it so they called a repair guy, and he opened the printer up and found this little guy peering back at him.

    he took some pictures, extradited the little fellow, and later set him free, making some easy money and getting a good story out of the ordeal.

    basically that's the mouse as he was trying to push himself out of the printer/toner thing.
  14. Tejedu

    Tejedu Cursed Skull

    May to July.
    5 - 20 $.
    Might be ModSupport, might not.

    We - the fans - need descisions!
  15. Guardian Savo

    Guardian Savo Green Slime

    I... Want..... It.......

    Redigit...... Please take my money in exchange for the game....

    I cannot wait.
  16. Joshua Bogushefsky

    Joshua Bogushefsky Green Slime

    read the interveiw
  17. MysticFate

    MysticFate Green Slime

    i really cant wait for this game to come out, been checking the website everyday to see if they've changed anything in the FAQ section about the price or release date
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