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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by chatrat12, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. l3igBrutus Green Slime

    ^Thanks a ton :D All my characters are back to how they should be!

    Also great mod you have here :D
  2. chatrat12 Mouse

    Hey guys, I am the creator the Gameiki Mod. Gameiki Mod will always have the most up to date version of Inventory Manager even if i forget to update the version number :p If you want Inventory Manager ASAP, then use Gameiki Mod as it gets updated first.
  3. Benie Giant Worm

    You created the Gameiki mod pack? Nice. Love the Creative mode. Reminds me of Minecraft back in /infdev/ and early Alpha when you had to spawn tools to be in "Creative Mode".
    But, I was hoping to just have a standalone copy of Inventory Manager, because I would like Rydian's trainer to work too. And it can't with Gameiki active.
  4. Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    It's like learning that your best friend is actually the president of Atlantica.
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  5. Roddy Cursed Skull

    So, everyone else waiting anxiously for this to be updated?
  6. Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

  7. Roddy Cursed Skull

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  8. Lifa Slimed Zombie

    You can disable everything but the inventory mod. Plus, the mod doesn't "change" the game in any way, so if you aren't using any of its features, you still get vanilla.
  9. Benie Giant Worm

    I know we're really going off-topic here, but I can't do this. I get a crash if I don't have everything enabled. Get this;
  10. lammaer Angel Statue

    Is this gameiki version works for (the gameiki installer says it's mod version is 1.3.2)

    I downloaded and installed the gameiki installer, set the directory to point my terraria install.
    Installed inventory manager 2.1.6, and when I launch terraria I get a black screen then an error message like this:

    If I uninstall the mod, the vanilla game runs fine.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    So far the mod worked with the previous versions, I'm so used to It, I cant live without it :)
  11. lammaer Angel Statue

    Oh, just before I wrote the same comment :D
  12. Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    Is your Terraria cracked?
  13. Benie Giant Worm

    He has the same error I do. I have a legit Steam copy. I assume he does too.
  14. Lifa Slimed Zombie

    The latest version (1.3.2) works with Terraria I have it installed and working.
    It sounds like you're better off asking at the Gameiki forums, though, since this is dedicated to Inventory Manager. Maybe you'll get better help there.
  15. lammaer Angel Statue

    Did it but no response so far.
    @Dev: wouldnt it be possible to just add the mod here as before, as a standalone exe without this gameiki stuff? It was straightforward And not as confusing as now. Eg, version 1.3.2 for
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  16. Semtex Angel Statue

    This mod should be implemented directly in the game haha
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  17. Roddy Cursed Skull

    My thoughts exactly. If I can't have it stand alone I will not use it at all.
  18. Lifa Slimed Zombie

    Well, it's your loss. You don't have to use what you don't need.
  19. Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    Well then, enjoy waiting for a standalone version.
    Which probably will not come out anytime soon.
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  20. Roddy Cursed Skull

    Like I said, no probs. ;)

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