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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by DanielMeltzer, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. DanielMeltzer Squirrel

    Thread locked per 505Games policy: Content may have also been removed from individual posts in this thread.

    Hey guys! I made a world save on Terraria for iOS available to download, so you all could use it if you want.

    The save comes with a house, and in the chests in the house, there is items, including Hallowed Armor, etc.

    Download Link : Content removed from post per 505Games policy:

    Video/image removed from post per 505Games policy:
  2. GaMe Mouse

    Looks awesome, I'll see if my buddy will let me use his PC for a few minutes. Want a YouTube video of the content? Even if your non jailbroken you can record your screen. (I do.)
    My YouTube has tons of worlds uploaded now for download. More items than this are available. Click here to go to it now (
  3. DanielMeltzer Squirrel

    Sure, I'd love to see ya do a YouTube video of it. How do you record your screen without jailbreaking?
    I figured out how to edit all these items in-game, and it seems mostly all of the 1.1.2 items are in-game.
  4. GaMe Mouse

    Right here, now jailbreak needed:
  5. DanielMeltzer Squirrel

  6. kirabook Ex-Min

    Until 505 games approves of this,w e will be closing/locking/editing any hacked content.
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  7. kirabook Ex-Min

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  8. megalatios Mouse

    were is the download I WANT IT please :c
  9. DanielMeltzer Squirrel

    Oh sorry, when it got edited out I forgot to add it back in... Give me a second and it will be back in the original post.
  10. megalatios Mouse

    okay thanks .3.

    hay i have alredy that save game but i dont have the hamdrax :c
  11. DanielMeltzer Squirrel

    Sorry, I thought I had the hamdrax added in the chest in the world provided. I updated the world file so the chest will have the hamdrax as well as all the previous items. :)
  12. megalatios Mouse

  13. TerrariaUNIV Green Slime

    How did you add all those Hardmode items into the game? Please answer
  14. xXtcikotciXx Giant Worm

    Hex editing
  15. so you can only hex edit on android or you can also do it on a jailbroken idevice?
  16. xXtcikotciXx Giant Worm

    i can hex edit on android and on a idevice non-jailbroken
  17. how exactly can you do it? i mean i tried doing it and i could not understand it even jalbroken.
  18. TerrariaUNIV Green Slime

    How do you hex edit to get hardmode stuff in Terraria mobile? I'm on ios. iPhone 4. iOS 5.1.1. Please answer
  19. xXtcikotciXx Giant Worm

    you just need a hex editor a decimal to hex converter and the items IDs
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