Irie's Terraria Fan Art [Requests Open]

Discussion in 'Art' started by Irie, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Irie Giant Worm



    Everything here is drawn by me, with a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, and the program Paint Tool Sai.

    Here is my DeviantArt page.

    Rules For Requests:
    REQUESTING (open)
    1: It's not first come first serve. I'll draw the ideas I like, and, to be honest, I'll probably prioritize friends.

    2: Provide a detailed description of what you want, if you have an image, post that ALONG with a verbal description. The more detailed description, the more likely I'll want to do it.
    3: If I don't mention your request, just tell me. You don't have to post it again (But you could quote your post if you want). But if I say I'm not going to do it, don't pester me. You can post a changed request though.
    4: If for some reason you want to pay for a request, you can buy me a game on Steam or GOG. It would mean you can have a drawing whenever you want, and pretty much anything else you ask for. I like games. Don't take this to mean you won't get a free drawing, this is just me begging for games, pretty much.

    Feel free to post in this thread. I like to hear whatever people have to say. Good, Bad, Relevant, Irrelevant, everything. Also it helps keep this thread active, which is good.

    And finally, the art.

    This is a Miner. I drew it at my first piece of Terraria Art, to get this thread started originally, but when I was drawing it, I kind of forgot to make it Terraria themed. He does have a Golden Pickaxe, and Mining Helmet though. =)
    This is a request from sanchezz. I call him the molten mime. The lava was something I had a bit of trouble on, and in the end I decided to make it more like red hot metal.
    This is Megaman Model HX, if I remember correctly. It was a request for Npatterson10. Other than the feet being a bit small, I think I did pretty well with this one.
    This was just a practice I did for copper armor. The head and sword are a bit messed up, but I left them like that, as I was more focused on the armor.

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  2. sanchezz Slimed Zombie

    Can I requeSt an drawing of my character holding an Phoenix Blaster?


    My character:

  3. Irie Giant Worm

    I'm sorry, requent?
  4. sanchezz Slimed Zombie

    My bad, I've not noticed that typo there, the correct is "request." XD
  5. Irie Giant Worm

    Oh wow, that's painfully obvious. Sorry I didn't understand. I'll see what I can do.
  6. Irie Giant Worm

    Although the rules say no double posting, I feel it's alright if I do it this time, seeing as I need to alert sanchezz about his drawing being done.
    The elusive molten mime!

    Oh fuck I forgot the wings. Sorry :confused:
  7. sanchezz Slimed Zombie

    It is awesome! Thank you very much, very well-done!
  8. Irie Giant Worm

    Thanks mate. I have trouble with armour, so I'm glad you like it. The lava was a pain, I need to work on my lava. Sorry about forgetting the wings. I didn't save layer info so I can't add them in after the fact :(
  9. sanchezz Slimed Zombie

    No problem, It looks awesome with or without wings, buddy!
  10. Irie Giant Worm

    Updated the main post with this!
  11. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Can you make my avatar? [IMG]
    I would rather you make him while he is holding himself up with his jets. ([IMG]) I would make a Gif of it.... but I am feeling rather lazy right now :p
  12. Irie Giant Worm

    Yes I can! Quick question, is your avatar OC, or are there some larger images I can find of him?

    EDIT: Wait, never mind, I see who it is now. I'll do it soon
  13. Irie Giant Worm

  14. m31k Clown

    Request (open)
    Can you make this? Yeahh I know it is a lot of detail. [IMG]
    But if you don't want make him, make him.[IMG]
    About details is choose on you.
    I maked it in spoilers because images are big
  15. Irie Giant Worm

    Adventure quest is sweet. I'm going skiing soon, but I'll work on it when I get back.
  16. m31k Clown

    I must say it isn't adventure quest clasic, it is DragonFable and in first picture is Ascendant and next is Master SoulWeaver for chapter 3 because of Tomix birthday it is today testing for this armor, there is post made by @Tomix about Master SoulWeaver. If you want to look how element look for MSW look here
  17. Irie Giant Worm

    Right. I haven't played any of those for a while, I just recognized the style from adventure quest. I actually have some time before I go, so I'll work on it.
  18. Irie Giant Worm

    Pretty bad if you ask me. It's a tough concept.
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  19. Npatterson10 Blazing Wheel

    Great job! but to help you improve for the future, you can kinda tell that he is to old and tall if you look he is young in my avatar. Great job overall for just the picture, I'd give it a 9\10!

    EDIT: Finally somebody who can use the elements of art, making his body based on his head size!
  20. Irie Giant Worm

    He's mega MAN not mega KID.

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