Is it even worth having Cloud in a Balloon + Wings for PvP/PvE?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Mikoto Misaka, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Mikoto Misaka

    Mikoto Misaka Voodoo Demon

  2. QuackersDelta

    QuackersDelta Fungi Bulb

    Spectre boots and Wings outfly the cloud in a bottle and wings combo.
    Spectre boots also give you two good things, increased flight time and speed.
    Cloud in a bottle only gives you one.
  3. Naughty Fins

    Naughty Fins Devourer

    What he said
  4. Watchful Walrus

    Watchful Walrus Dungeon Spirit

    Cloud in a Bottle + Wings = Irritating.
    Wings doesn't make you jump to fly, but with the CiaB, you have to jump to fly ;+;
    And it isn't as good as spectre boots.
  5. Actually, the Cloud in a balloon helps the wings fly a bit, combining the cloud in a balloon, spectre boots and wings flys the farthest without gravitation/featherfalling.
  6. Kazooran

    Kazooran Demon Eye

    Having to hit the jump button twice to fly is annoying. Spectre Boots + Wings is a far superior combo. Longer flight time + sprint + slowfall is better than increased jump height + double jump + flight + slowfall.

    Yeah you do have to deal with double jumping to actually take flight, but sometimes I find that useful if I just want to say... Glide off a hilltop.

    Also you fly faster from the boost from the cloud in a bottle.

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