Is terraria dying?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Viperlee, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Viperlee Squirrel

    I used to play terraria for the first 4 months it came it and it was lively. I recently came back after quitting for a few and it seems dead. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. SilverBird Blood Crawler

    Its was for a bit until Regidit came back and started updating again.
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  3. Viperlee Squirrel

    I guess so, but what about the servers? They seem completely dead.
  4. Sn3ky Slimed Zombie

    With the post of Redigit stating that he will most likely update Terraria again is bringing alot of old players back. although im still interested to see how this will all turn out
  5. Viperlee Squirrel

    I just really wanted to play a N Terraria server with some people, but can't find any servers that are up.
  6. Sn3ky Slimed Zombie

    The N Terraria mod is old. I really don't know if the makers are still hosting their servers or not. read through the thread for the original mod and research for yourself.
  7. Viperlee Squirrel

    The mod is being continued by another person. There -were- 2 servers up. But they both went down and haven't came back online.
  8. Sn3ky Slimed Zombie

    Then just give it time. There are many people still hosting servers. but those are mainly private servers for between friends. Things may come back if this possible PC update comes to us.
  9. EATERofSOULS Bunny

    i think it may be dying a bit as well
  10. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    A year ago you could say Terraria was dying, because the original fan base slowly was declining. But for the last many months Terraria has been exactly the same. It is a long story, but all you need to know is Red is updating the game and 505 is porting to xbox and ps3
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  11. EATERofSOULS Bunny

    did he say he was going to update it for sure?
  12. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    It's pretty certain, if you want to know for sure, go ask him on his profile.
  13. Klokinator Raincoat Zombie

    How stupid are people to keep posting these topics when there is a very popular and clear cut topic about PC updates in the Dev Blog section? How about just looking at the developer's profile page? FFS try reading for more than 5 minutes people, jeez.
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  14. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    He is almost 99% certainly updating it.
  15. EATERofSOULS Bunny

    ok ill do that now
  16. Loki ISP Moderator

    There is definitely going to be a console version = new players

    There is definitely going to be an update unless Red dies or is captured by aliens.

    Both respective devs have been crystal clear on this.

    Threads like this one made in the face of those facts seem foolish, IMHO.

    Personal example: just the promise of the above have caused myself and at least a few others that I know to already pick the game up again
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  17. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Yes, he's stated several times in profile posts that he's been working on it and making good progress.
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  18. Lord Carver Possessed Armor

    No I did not notice this. But thank you for bringing it to my attention.
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  19. Bit 8gent Squirrel

    No Terraria is not dying, not at all. This new update Red is working on is generating a lot of hype (the suggestion thread is up to 2512 posts as of now). This will certainly give Terraria players a reason to play the game again. I know I'll probably put another 200 hours in the game after the update :)
  20. FierceRogue Floaty Gross

    Red is defiantly updating and in his profile he said he is happy with the update so far. There is a whole thread called " Something about a new PC update" for recomendations:rolleyes:

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