Is this legit?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Mr. Cthulhu, Dec 29, 2011.


Would his be legit?

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  1. Mr. Cthulhu

    Mr. Cthulhu Blazing Wheel

    So I was backing up my spore files and I accidentally deleted my Terraria character. Would it be legit to use an all items map to get my stuff back? Because I already got the items legitly. Begin debate.
  2. Ryska

    Ryska Yellow Slime

    Duplicated items, all items maps and inventory editors are all illegitimate ways of obtaining things. If you did not have access to any of these, you would have to obtain all those items again like those people who do not use any means of "cheating."

    Out of curiosity, is this poll just to see whether you do it or not?
  3. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    Your call. We wouldn't judge you. Unless of course you were to go onto the forums and turn it into a heavily controversial subject of debate with meticulous examination of your every word.

    Legit: Hard earned through proper playthrough of the game
    Widely accepted: The file was corrupted/lost and its gone now. Hack back only what i lost.
    Nobody will know: Hack all the things!

    Be aware that it may lead to prolonged dependence on hacking. Delete the hackworld/program when you are done, to remove all temptation.
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  4. flaminscull

    flaminscull Slimed Zombie

    If they're exactly the same... I guess it would be acceptable. Not legit, but acceptable.
  5. West

    West Eskimo Zombie

    Just be careful. It is a very slippery slope. Your intention may be to just restore what you lost until you see how easily you can add other things. If you care at all about being legit you will coming very close to ruining that aspect of the game for yourself.

    If I were you I would just start over. It is one of the most fun parts about Terraria anyway. If you still have your world you can use the resources you have in your chests to fast track that. I wouldn't edit anything in though.
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  6. Isn't it more fun to start over?
    Unless you had some ultra-rare-drop items, in which case it's okay to restore them that way.
  7. Cataclyzm

    Cataclyzm Green Slime

    It is unfair to start again after experiencing and doing so much.
  8. Mr. Cthulhu

    Mr. Cthulhu Blazing Wheel

    My world was deleted too. I guess I could start again, but an unreal flamethrower is going to take ages to get again. You know what, I think I'll start again. Question answered, requesting lock.
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  9. Mr.Prince85

    Mr.Prince85 Green Slime

    Yes, but dont get any funny ideas :rolleyes:
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