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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Willakers, May 15, 2011.

  1. Willakers

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    Petition to BAN item spawning

    I think the game devs should strongly consider making spawning/editing of inventory impossible. Well, not impossible because I'm sure someone will come up with a hack or trainer to do it... but they should still DEFINITELY not make it part of the game.

    Mainly what I mean is, in mine craft when you go on a server there are the admins and mods (people with infinite of everything, can fly, kick you, ban you, have every item) and then normal members (ain't got SHIT son). I feel like this type of thing would KILL Terraria's mystery and WOW factor of finding new and glorious items legitimately. Think about it, you go onto a sever and 3 mods have every epic end-game type item there because they spawned it. They are flying, warping, blasting lasers, building castles, while you are still digging in the dirt.

    I think saved games should be heavily encoded to prevent save game changing, and admins/mods of servers should have to earn everything just like everyone else. Nobody wants to be Hercules when superman, the green lantern, and Dr Manhatten are your neighbors.

    Feel free to add reasons this is a good/bad idea.
  2. Xobtraf

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    Who cares about Supes, Lantern and Manhattan when the Flash is anywhere and everywhere at once? That guy's OP.

    To be fair, this is more of a PVP/multiplayer issue. If you want to start from square one, you usually find a fresh server, some friends to play with or play solo.
  3. Soneclipse

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    This should be up to the individual.

    If I want to start a creative map and spawn all my materials, I should be able to. If I want to start a server and be GOD ALMIGHTY, I damn better be able to.
  4. Lume

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    Sorry to let you guys know but there is already an inventory editor and character editor out that works beautifully. I don't want to discuss how I know about this or how I know it works well, but there is one that is released. Note that it isn't being widely advertised and very few people know about it, but it's a program that edits the player files through an easy to use interface.
  5. Willakers

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    Why should you be able to do that? I can understand wanting a creative mode, maybe even a creative server where everyone has all/inf items, but to make it just the same as mine craft is going to kill the game.
  6. Willakers

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    What is the beauty of finding the items online then? When you can just spawn them in and no-one knows whether or not you worked for them. Imagine seeing a person in minecraft with a full suit of diamond armor and tools. Everyone instantly assumes he hacked them in, and if he says he didn't no-one believes him. its a backwards system. If you want items to feel like rare treasure they have to be RARE and FOUND AS TREASURE
  7. Lume

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    I'm not saying that I'd be one to use an inventory editor for online purposes, at the most I'd use it on singleplayer to test out some items. Games like this are completely ruined unless you are doing a huge project and, like said above, want to create a sort of "creative server"
  8. MXU

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    tldr but I hope no one makes one because this game is really an RPG, doing that stuff just kills the RPG element.
  9. Willakers

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    Well hopefully SOMETHING is done to at least ensure that online co-operative or pvp play only uses legitimately gained items.
  10. verynoname

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    Should depend on the server. If the person wants to spoil the awesomeness of doing it by themselves, well it's their fault. Why would you join a creative server if you try to get everything legit? That doesn't make sense. If the server is vanilla, people should play vanilla. If it's aimed over to build stuff, people who join should be expected to build stuff.
  11. Soneclipse

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    In your opinion. Last time I checked, it wasn't a fact. Your play style is different than others. If they want, they shoudl be able to. They obviously don't care about working for it, nor should they.

    If the server wants to have spawned items, they should be able to.

    If you don't like it you have a few choices:
    1. play solo and be bored
    2. find a spawn-free server
    3. grow up and realize you're not the only one on this planet and refer to 1+2
  12. Willakers

    Willakers Green Slime

    haha you
    haha your posts are always so hilarious and witty soneclipse. I truly envy your forum replying capabilities.

    Anyway I'm not going to be playing with anyone but friends anyway. So I guess this doesn't even apply to me. Just thought someone ought to bring it up before it turns out to flipping suck for everyone wanting an RPG experience like this game is set up to be.

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