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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by TheGreatNinjaMan, May 25, 2011.

  1. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    simple idea. Teleporters: teleporters are can be used to get from Point A to Point B very fast. teleporters could be made with Gold and jewels (amthyst, emerald, sapphire, rubies, etc.) there are several types of teleporters, 1 for each type of jewel. you can have only 2 same type teleporters on a map at a time.

    after you set down both ends of a teleporter you can right click on the teleporter and it will port you to the other one.

    this has many uses like putting a sapphire teleporter in your base then putting another sapphire teleporter in a mining base underground. you can go to your house and to the caves with ease.

    each type of teleporter will have a different range depending on the jewel used to make it. they require 25 of a jewel and 10 gold.

    new requirements
    requires 30 gems of the same color
    require a room unoccupied by an NPC
    requires 20 meteorite bars
    requires 25 mana and 5 seconds to use teleporter.
    UPDATE: new requirements to balance it a little more.
    -35 gems of the same color
    -room with no NPC (table and chair optional)
    -30 meteorite bars
    -50 mana
    -5 seconds to use teleporter (getting damage cancels transportation)
    -NEW: Magic Mirror

    Other updates
    Crafting now gives 2 of the teleporter
    cannot use teleporter after being attacked for 3 seconds

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    i also added a picture to what a teleporter might look like. not really an artist :D
    Teleporter Sprite By Tafs.png Rubie Teleporter Sprite By "Tafs"
    Rubie teleporter.jpg

    support teleporters
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    portal teleporter transporter
  2. SrgStink

    SrgStink Green Slime

    Love it!
  3. dMash

    dMash Green Slime

    Just suggested something very similar to this in a different post, but would require that you correspond your jewel to your magic mirrors. So diamond mirror goes to diamond portal.
  4. Daemonhahn

    Daemonhahn Green Slime


    My feet bleed from vaulting over chasms in corruption for days on end to reach my previous death point and continue digging....
  5. Valorous

    Valorous Green Slime

    Both this and dMash's idea seem plausible. The teleporters should have a limit as to how far each type of jewel can go down. Else we'd have amethyst teleporters in the hell world. I think you should have to collect a good amount of hellstone brick for the hell portal else it'd be easy to make a portal to the bottom.
  6. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    guess it could have a range so its not too imbalanced. it would defiantly give jewels more use though
  7. dMash

    dMash Green Slime

    Agreed. You should have hellstone to use before you can just teleport there.
  8. Valorous

    Valorous Green Slime

    Personally I say double the rarity of jewels and allow you to socket certain armor or weapons.
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  9. Nemesis.

    Nemesis. Green Slime

    How about the rarer the Jewel level of the teleporter the further you can actually teleport with it. Ie: Lowest Jewel... Say Sapphire? can teleport you to the other Sapphire teleporter 300 blocks away, no more, where as Diamond teleporters can teleport you the whole map.

    +1 Support.
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  10. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    suggestions for new recipes well appreciated
  11. Nemesis.

    Nemesis. Green Slime

    (Insert Gem x5?) + (16?) Iron bars + (20?) Glass = Teleporter.

    Sapphire = 300 blocks (Up, Down, Left, Right and Diagonals all count for 1)
    Amethyst = 600
    Ruby = 1200
    Emerald = 3200
    Diamond = Anywhere
  12. Spybuster

    Spybuster Green Slime

    i like the idea of teleporters, but where is dispenser then D:

    great idea btw.
  13. NormireX

    NormireX Green Slime

    I really like this idea. I actually had a similar idea the other day. My idea was to just have a device that would allow you to teleport to the different beds you have placed in the world
  14. Sparky20

    Sparky20 Cursed Man

  15. Esparado87

    Esparado87 Cave Bat

    I rather have a blink spell (would have targeting like magic missile) that takes alot of mana per use.
    Or else it is just freakin OP.
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  16. Jormungandr

    Jormungandr Green Slime

    If we have portals, should we also have cake? Or is that a lie?
    Seriously though, I WANT THIS IN THE GAME.
  17. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

  18. Valorous

    Valorous Green Slime

    No Diamonds aren't that rare to have only 5 of the to make the teleporter. I say as the higher the tier of gem goes up so does the amount. Else newbies could make a go anywhere teleporter with the help of a friend and a few diamonds. There are other issues besides that of course. But I also think going anywhere should be limited to anywhere, EXCEPT, 200 squares above hell world. I stress this because you should have to work your way to the hellworld not just teleport each time. Maybe even have you put in a gem and the teleporter ports you there. IDK.
  19. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

  20. Taboo64

    Taboo64 Green Slime

    this is really a great idea it would make travel to the dungeon and back so easy.

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