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Discussion in 'Items' started by mossy22, Jan 16, 2013.


do you like this idea?

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no 6 vote(s) 85.7%
  1. mossy22 Green Slime

    When placed a pyramid shaped hut made out of wood will pop up around the tent* and a fire (which is made out of 1 torch (on the ground) 1 piece of wood on top of the torch and two by the torch's sides) and the fire will pop up near the hut, when the tent is broken the hut and fire will disappear. *the tent is a block itself.
  2. KLouD KoNNeCteD Crimera

    What is the point of it? Regenerate health quicker while inside the tent? A temporary spawn point?
  3. mossy22 Green Slime

    say your stuck in the middle of nowhere and you have nothing but some crappy tools and a tent item and its nearly night all you have to do is place your tent and wait until day.
  4. nogloxiator Clinger

    The fact that anyone would need this is sad.
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  5. Haylo Hornet

    just make a normal house?
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  6. nogloxiator Clinger

    Or make an abnormal house. Y'know, like sideways off a cliff or upside down off a floating island.
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  7. saephin Fire Imp

    how about some kind of quick assemble tool instead?
    pre set up a house, then use the tool on it to shrink it down into a single carriable item which can be placed (if allowable) with one click.
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  8. Haylo Hornet

    Yes. i like this idea, very much.
  9. saephin Fire Imp

    imagine all the time it would save, not to mention heartache when you die while building
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  10. Charmander27 Eyezor

    Sweet idea. You could just take your house with you into different worlds.
  11. saephin Fire Imp

    !!! i hadnt even thought of that !!!

    it would have to have some limitations though... say:
    1) can only pick up blocks placed by you
    2) cant be more than say 50*50
    3) cant destroy placed items like chests and furniture or map items like shadow alters
    4) cant be placed in such a way that any blocks would overlap. (so needs to be put on clear space)
  12. Charmander27 Eyezor

    I would really hope that it took your furniture, especially. Taking chests would be nice too.
  13. saephin Fire Imp

    would never take chests with items, maybe furniture i guess, same rules as blocks
  14. Charmander27 Eyezor

    Yeah. I mostly use chests for decoration, and I see your point. It would be cool if it could take empty chests though. [:

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