Jungle Spores - any tips on farming them?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Virance, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Virance

    Virance Green Slime

    Hello folks,

    So I'm at the Jungle phase of my journey on my new character (full shadow armor and weapons - decided to farm the heck out of the first two bosses to build two sets, one for me and one for the wife). Anyhow, I'm doing better than I thought I would in the jungle so far, I just need to move slower/play more defensively than before.

    However, I'm having a heck of a time getting the new Jungle Spores. I've only found 3 so far (tons of stinkers, 5 vines) and didn't notice where they came from.

    Anyone know what actually drops them so I can farm some up and make my whip?

  2. CubeLegTome

    CubeLegTome Hell Bat

    As far as I'm aware you just swing your sword about as you run about through jungle grass and you should accidentally harvest a bunch.
  3. Xylord

    Xylord Green Slime

    The jungle spore is exactly like the jungle rose, right? If so, they are rarelly dropped by the jungle grass in the grey layer, as well as nature gift. You should make a jungle farm, like you would make a shroom farm, it is the best way to gather them. don't forget to cut every little grass, they could give you spores.
  4. Virance

    Virance Green Slime

    I finally found a patch with those glowing green balls - they seem to have a 100% chance to drop the spores as well btw.
  5. zol

    zol Green Slime

    I think the best way is to straighten out a large portion of the underground jungle and cut it all down when it grows.
  6. Caitlinkip

    Caitlinkip Green Slime

    Jungle Spores are like 1.0.5's Jungle Roses. If you see a rose-like plant in the underground jungle, cut it down and more often than not, you'll get a jungle spore. Rarely, you'll get a jungle rose and even rarer, you'll get a Nature's Gift. I've yet to pick up any jungle spores from grass that doesn't look like flowers, but that might just be my luck.
  7. Xylord

    Xylord Green Slime

    Now the Jungle rose is a vanity item, right? Lol, when I started terraria yesterday, I still had a jungle spore on my head...
  8. djchrisblue

    djchrisblue Green Slime

    The jungle spores are dropped when you cut down a green glowing jungle flower (like the one in my sig)

  9. Nemo12

    Nemo12 Green Slime

    And to obtain the nature gift you have to cut the blue flower (very rare).

    But yeah, the green glowing jungle flower are more rare now, but as you go deeper there are more of them (Actually thats what I noticed).
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