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  1. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Another project I've started on with a friend of mine, and we're planning on releasing a map(could take a long while though) It is a jungle-based underground temple full of spike straps and pitfall - sand puzzles, as well as some easter eggs :D
    The idea is to go in there with a new char armed with only a torch, a handgun and some meteor shots. btw, it has a hidden entrance.
    [IMG][IMG] sadly you must right click the images "open in new tab" because they arent showing for some reason :(. Edit: Rainwanderer has sorted it out now. See the post below

    another something:
    sand puzzle 1.jpg
  2. RainWanderer Unicorn

    You didn't link the image, you linked the page that contain the image. XD
    Here, lemme do it for you:



    Looks interesting, but I doubt this is everything, right? So far it only seems to be a tunnel laced with gold bricks.
  3. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Thanks for the linking. And yes, there's still W.I.P. however, I have not included all the pictures. We're planning on digging a lot of trap-ridden tunnels leading to greater halls with sand puzzles and such, or stuff with symbols. Unfortunately, we are restricted to cobweb cause torches emit light, while we want the temple to be dark, apart from some exceptions. By the way; do you see the altar-shaped construction on the middle photo? The idea is that you have to head to the right and shoot(yes, I should edit the first post now) through a narrow shaft and hit the cobweb underneath the sand, opening the passage below. Since the temple is a ruin, there will be parts where you'll have to go through the underground.
  4. RainWanderer Unicorn

    Ooh, interesting. I am making a temple in the jungle too, with some lava and sand trap, though there wouldn't be anything as complicate as a puzzle. I had in mind a way to make trap with coweb and sand too, but I think you already figured it out, right?
  5. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Well, sort of. I made a lot of these 'you have a choice' traps, where in a passageway there is a spike on the floor. Above it (3 blocks height) is a piece of cobweb holding up a sand pillar. If you jump over the spike, you get hit by the sand. If you avoid the sand, you get hit by the spike( which is about 40 damage without armor I guess) the lava idea is great :) I'll probably do that too. Only for dramatic death-drops though. I don't want there to be a clue bout where you should go. Another option could be three shafts leading down and you have to choose one. Meh, I still don't know what to use as idol... (angel statues? XD)
  6. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Ow, and meteor shots would make it much more interesting
  7. RainWanderer Unicorn

    Here is my design of the lava trap room, kind of clunky, but it is good when you build a large temple where you have room.
    Lava trap.png
    Basically what the player have to do here is to dig as fast as possible, before the lava reach them, as the first block of sand dug will activate the trap. Or just build a dirt wall around them before the lava reach them, much easier.

    Build the room longer with a more gradual slope would most likely take the player unnoticed, as 1 block thick of lava doesn't give out light when it travels toward the player, and when that first block of lava reaches the player, it would have been too late to build the dirt wall. Also, put it underground would reduce the line of sight even more.

    Place some coweb in the ceiling to create the feel of old ruin, while camouflage the one that hold up the sand block too.
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  8. RainWanderer Unicorn

    And here is the Sand Bridge room:
    Sand bridge room.png
    I will include these two rooms in my jungle temple, feel free to adopt them anyway you want!
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  9. Jooooo Green Slime

    Wow RainWanderer those are some pretty cool ideas indeed.
  10. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Very awesome! might adapt some/use bits of the ideas if I may. I might anbandon total darkness now! The reason I dont work with lava that much is because you see it and you think: ow this might be a trap.. + its hard to take away. Of course if you don't place too much lava it won't be noticable. B. Thank you for explaining your ideas! I recommend you put some mud in the walls to make it look older as well, but I guess you will only do that as finishing touches or in the real thing. Love it!
  11. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    one question though. how does the player enter the bridge room? (the hall before it)
  12. RainWanderer Unicorn

    The rooms I show you are prototypes made in mid air, so they haven't got the finishing touch that would match them with the surrounding environment. And about the sand bridge room, here is how it should be, I made the last one while I was sleepy x-x:
    Sand bridge room.png
    You can change the hall before the room anyway you want though, it doesn't matter much.
  13. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Must say I love the system. Would take a skilled gunner though, or a minishark :) for archers this is impossible
  14. RainWanderer Unicorn

    Or you can always cheat and use magic missle/flame lash. =p And of course, I will provide a magic missile for them if they ever wish to tackle this room.
    I designed another room, however, that would be easier to handle:
    Obsidian bridge room.png
    This room need only 1 shot at the target coweb for the water to fall down and form the obsidian bridge.

    I just got an idea of a magic missile maze though, like all those mouse maze flash game. I will make one when I have time.
  15. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    awesome! but what do you do with all the water? Anyway, I won't have time to work on our map just yet, but may we use fragments of your ideas in the maps? I would probably do something like this, maybe without the standing ledge, given the player has meteor shots... that would really take a skilled player and a large stack of shots!
    The upcoming update looks promising! especially with those statues.. :D

    By the way, on the lava trap: Is it actually possible to escape without walling yourself in? even if you dig as fast as possible? because we're probs implementing a 'no block place' rule, and a mining rule with exception for sand
  16. RainWanderer Unicorn

    Most of the water will evaporate when they spread too thin over the lava, so you can do more testing and see if you can reduce the amount of water. The current amount is to ensure there is enough water to form a passable bridge. And you can always swim over the rest.

    And feel free to use my ideas, I don't mind helping a fellow builder.

    About the lava trap, you can adjust the height of the sand pillar to adjust the amount of time it would take to dig out. Just change the ceiling slope accordingly so the lava can flow fast enough. I tested the room with shadow pickaxe, and I find that I always escape before the lava could even reached the tanks. I even consider adding 1-2 more layers of sand to slow progress. But it would take more testing. The triggering mechanism might need changes too, maybe change it instead of lava, using water can speed up the activation time considerably.

    And if you already place a "no block placed" rule, maybe you could switch lava with water, and if the player is too slow with the digging, they will drown.
  17. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Good Idea. I will test it once I have the time,(recommend creating a back-up though!) and see if I can make the lava fall so that the player misses the lava by a fraction of a second ;) If we would use water, maybe I should make a one-way entrance then,(pit) considering the player could escape through the doors, or at least make it hard to escape when the water has fallen in some way or another.... Thank you very much!
  18. RainWanderer Unicorn

    Just add another column of sand at the other end, supported by coweb. The water will knock the coweb down and the column of sand along with it.
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  19. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Will update once everything is built, and It will take some time though
  20. Maplestrip Corruptor

    I had the same idea, you can use it to destroy either cobweb or weeds that hold up sand blocks. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, though :S

    These puzzles are very well made, by the way :D
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