Key of Destiny's Sprite Art Thread

Discussion in 'Art' started by Key of Destiny, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    This is where I'll be posting my art...Yeah...Ever seen my deviantart account...It's right there. Under this.
    TheLunaDiver on deviantART
    All of the things you can find on here will be on my Deviantart...and more :D


    Must be an OC rp weapon...
    Blood Taker (open)

    ...I don't have a comment...
    Staff of Life (open)


    My best sprite so far...
    Stinger (open)


    Ryan (open)



    Blue Rayquaza.png
  2. Ezaro

    Ezaro Green Slime

    Shitty drawings, and my Raptor Jesus, you suddenly took like what 100 years to create these drawings, well done you deserve a medal of shit.
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  3. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    Oh hello there troll :D. Hows it going?
  4. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Seeing how he got 3 infractions within 3 weeks, pretty good.
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  5. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    Oh please. A troll can get so many more infractions in 3 weeks then that.
  6. Im glad you like trÿīñg to make terraria look like bull SH!T even though you're bull poop, but this man worked his ÆSS OFF TØ MAKĒ THEŠĖ 3PĪC SPRITES!?!?!?! SO GET OFF THIS THREAD U DUMBO!!!
  7. lizzzard01

    lizzzard01 Pixie

    Well they're not 2x2 which is terraria style, and they're awfully boring looking and I have no idea what that Stinger is supposed to be.

    Forgot to mention the rather unoriginal names. Seem like they came from League of Legends.
    (Bloodthirster and Stinger)

    Anyway. Needs some work. Good luck.
  8. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    Instead of insulting how bad the sprites are, how about giving some criticism instead for a change yea?

    Well even though they are right in the fact the sprites do need a lot of work, I'll try give some advice:

    1) I suggest working with 2x2 pixel sized sprites, as 1x1 tends to flesh out the flaws in a sprite a lot, I sprite in 2x2 90% of the time and it works out nice, especially for terraria themed sprites.

    2) Try using more colours that go well together, using a lot of non-shaded grey in a sprite results in a rather boring sprite to look at.

    3) Try and add as much shading detail as possible, or at least enough to give a nice finish to the sprite, people aren't going to notice small patches of shading.

    3) Weapon sprites in my opinion look better when you make them diagonal instead of vertical. Especially when doing them in 2x2 sized pixels.
  9. lizzzard01

    lizzzard01 Pixie

    Try to come up with really cool and original ideas of you own, too. Or try modifying some original sprites to make a new version of it for practice and then make your own.
  10. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

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  11. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    I'm working at my own pace. I will remember this however. But I have little time for art honestly. Making a game and all.
  12. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Penguin

    Start with small sprites. This might seem like it's much too easy but it really helps to practice putting a lot of detail in a small area first, before going to the large sprites. I can give you more tips if you want. PM me if you want some more.
  13. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    That'd be nice but atm I have a lot of school work.
  14. Paringo

    Paringo Green Slime

    If you don't wish to pursue something, why start it? Unfinished work is the material form of wasted time. In my opinion, I think these are rather nice sprites, but they would be better if you went further and added the proper lighting.

    Let my know if you're going to actually plan on doing anything, because if you're not, I'll finish what you started.
  15. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    I didn't mean I'm going to stop. I plan to make more

    I don't play LoL
  16. Paringo

    Paringo Green Slime

    That's not finishing then, that's adding.
  17. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    These sprites are a part of a one a day sprite making thing I'm doing on deviantart. However this week I've had school work to do. They are practically a spriters version of sketches.
  18. lizzzard01

    lizzzard01 Pixie

    Why would you commit yourself to a one-a-day thing when you can't do it once a day?
  19. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    Well honestly at first it was going well. And then i got a pile of homework piled on me. So I decided that I'll change it to once a week at least.
  20. Key of Destiny

    Key of Destiny Cursed Skull

    It...It happened...I made a human sprite...That I'm proud of...

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