Kingdomcraft Terraria Rp server(Non-hamchi Vanilla)

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  1. Hapyfrog78

    Hapyfrog78 The Groom

    Hey guys its Hapyfrog78 here and i've finally started to think that I should host a rp server. This time i wish to keep the server up for a quite a bit of time each session so like 3-5 hours at lease a session. There will be rules like most servers have, so if you want to join you must follow all of them. You must pick at least one Primary class you want to be such as Swordsman and mage. You also should pick a secondary class such as miner and guard. Also you must and will always fill out a application below. There is however one problem and that is theat my computer can not do mods so you must supply your own items for the class you choose.

    You must read *** or else you will be completely lost

    ***If your a swordsman bring in the game a iron sword***
    ***If your a mage bring in a waterbolt and 3 mana cyrstals***
    ***If your a Archer bring in a iron bow and 150 arrows***

    RULES: You must have a new character at all times no hacking in itmes.
    You may only invade the other side if you are a soldier, king or General
    If you are soldier, king or general you must have pvp on at all times.
    You musn't attack the other team if you dont have pvp on.
    Please do not use to much fowl language remember theres kids playing this game
    Just have fun no one likes a guy that is pissed off

    ***RIGHT and LEFT sides***
    The side you choose is very important it is the side you will be working for. If some side has so many people that doesn't allow the other side a chance i will swap you.

    Swordsman; Trained in the art of the sword, may use grenades and other thrown items
    Archer; Trained in the skill of the bow, may also use spears
    Mage; Trained in the mastery of mana, may also use flails

    Miner; Mines for useful minerals. Sells the ore to the blacksmith or Merchant
    Blacksmith; Uses a forge and crafts armor and swords out of the ore the miner gives him, Sells to the Merchant
    Merchant; Buys items from all people and sells the items to regulars in town
    Regulars; Ordinary people who just chill in town or buy from merchants(These people may be put into the towns military if the General tells them to)
    General(1 for each side); Commander of the army of the king.
    King(1 for each side); Rules the kingdom and makes sure his people do not cause trouble
    Woodsmen; Cuts down the wood for fellow craftsman
    Craftsman; Men that craft items out of wood and or other materials given to them
    Solider; People who defend the town from the enemy
    Alchemists; makes potions for the the people of the town. buys the items from gatherers
    Gatherers; People who roam the land for useful items
    Builder; Buys items from the craftsman and builds public buildings for the people of the town

    IGN(Put what secondary class you are in front of your name when you create):
    Reason of joining:
    Primary Class:
    Secondary class:
    What side are you right or left(Doesnt really matter much):
    Bibliography of your character:
    Tell me something about yourself:

    P.s if you like my server please don't be afraid to follow me
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  2. saikou

    saikou Blazing Wheel

    IGN:Miner Saikou
    Reason of joining:I lovez Rp servers
    primary class:Mage
    secondary class:Miner
    bio:Saikou is a mysterious and unknown man.noone knows who he is,where he came from,or if eh is even human,all that they know is that he serves the left side with his life.
  3. Hapyfrog78

    Hapyfrog78 The Groom

    Congrats your the first one in
  4. Azure

    Azure Dark Caster

    IGN(Put what secondary class you are in front of your name when you create): Azik Amlian
    Reason of joining: all of my rp servers shut down...
    Primary Class: Archer
    Secondary class: Builder
    What side are you right or left(Doesnt really matter much): You choose
    Bibliography of your character: Born on the [side here] Side, he was set to build houses for the Villagers, Then he was bombarded with attacks from the outside forces. he was lucky to have his trusty bow on his side and shot them down with 5 hits. He never told his story because he was shy, eventually he slept his worrys away. he was eventually bombarded again with the same thing happening.
    Tell me something about yourself: I love RP..
  5. saikou

    saikou Blazing Wheel

    So like are you gonna PM the server info or something?
  6. Jesus Hurtado

    Jesus Hurtado Green Slime

    IGN: General Jansoon
    Reason of joining:I love rping
    primary class:Archer
    secondary class:General
    bio:Jansoon Is a Blood thristy general and will defeat any foe on command!!! His love for The Right is also unmatched! :)
    Tell me something about yourself:18 and love this game :) always online
  7. Cyb3rshots

    Cyb3rshots Green Slime

    IGN: Blacksmith xDopest
    Reason of joining: Very experience player, wanting to experience more.
    Primary Class: Mage
    Secondary class: Blacksmith
    What side are you right or left: Left
    Bibliography of your character: xDopest came from a family of mages and merchant and learned the art of magic before he began to walk.
    Tell me something about yourself: 13, terrarai and Minecraft expertise. Always online. :) going to grade 8 soon.
  8. Goub0

    Goub0 Fire Imp

    IGN(Put what secondary class you are in front of your name when you create):Black Smith Bearkus
    Reason of joining:I've been looking for an Rp Server that I could join for a while
    Primary Class:SwordsMan
    Secondary class:Black Smith
    What side are you right or left(Doesnt really matter much):I don't really care. Choose for me
    Bibliography of your character:Bearkus was raised somewhere in the world, He wont tell anyone about where he was raised and likes to keep it secret. He is a very strong man in where he was raised, lived a good life and crafted armory and weapons for others....Until his hometown was attacked by intruders and destroyed! He ran away, lost in the woods and lived there for a very long time. He had to kill animals for his food, and all is food was raw in the woods. Then he went adventuring and found the [Insert Side here]. He loved the [Insert Side Here]! He had fresh food, he was also a trusted Black Smith. Now his journey still continues
    Tell me something about yourself:I am a Stegosaurus! Nah Just kidding, but I do love cars :p.
    Edit: Shouldn't you say something about putting [ ] or (( )) in the OP for non-RP chat?
    EDIT 2: It would be cool if everybody brought watches so we could implement something like open-times and close-times for the stores
  9. deend

    deend Bone Serpent

    IGN: new
    Reason of joining:i LOVE RP'z
    Primary Class: swordsman
    Secondary class: builder
    What side are you right or left(Doesnt really matter much): right
    Bibliography of your character: a dedicated builder that has brought many a towns to life, but not to be underestimated he's a giant of a man who is unmatched in swordsmanship. His only weakness is his reluctance to use his weapons, he follows a strict moral code and would never raise his fine weapons against someone unless it was necessary.
    Tell me something about yourself: in case i haven't mentioned i love to build, its the thing that keeps terraria interesting for me :D
  10. Hapyfrog78

    Hapyfrog78 The Groom

    Sorry for the long wait guys your all accepted not one of you were declined
  11. tothemax99

    tothemax99 Yellow Slime

    IGN(Put what secondary class you are in front of your name when you create): William the Blacksmith
    Reason of joining: Looking for a fun server to join
    Primary Class: Archer (don't play sp, don't have the bow and arrows <.<)
    Secondary class: Blacksmith
    What side are you right or left(Doesnt really matter much): Whichever side has least amount of people. (You should put more detail into this, along with making king/general/soldier a position, not a secondary class.)
    Bibliography of your character:
    William was a curious little boy. He would spend most of his time staring off into the woods instead of playing games with all the other village boys his age. He fantasized about what was in the forest day in and day out. William asked his father what was in the forest, only to be told not to go wandering around. The curiosity was too much for one night, after waiting for his parent's snoring, William snuck out of his window with a rope he created out of hay and cloth. He packed with him his hand made decurve bow(Its a real thing), 9 arrows made of oak, chicken feathers, and sharpened stones, a dirk, and 2 loaves of bread. He ran as fast as he could to the forest, only looking back to check if someone was watching. William stopped before he reached the edge of the forest, took a deep breath, and stepped into the forest. A glorious moment for young William. He was overjoyed that he finally got to see what was in the forest. He was so overjoyed he started exploring without checking where he was going or where he had been. William suddenly felt as if someone was watching him. He turned around and saw a green translucent blob of an abomination. He started backing away slowly, hoping it wouldn't see him. The strange creature did not walk nor crawl, it hopped. When it landed it made a disgusting sound, similar to having an octopus detach it's suckers from your skin. William was frightened of the creature and kept backing away. He hit a tree, and having nowhere else to run, for it was too close, William had climbed up the tree with the speed of an ostrich. William had unstrung his bow and nocked an arrow. But before he could shoot, he heard a twang. An arrow had appeared from the stange creature, going almost completely through. William looked around, looking for the source of the arrow. He saw a shadow sittiing on a branch of a large oak tree just to his left. The man said, "You are awfully brave to try and fight a slime with a bow. It's the kind of thing I'm looking for in an apprentice to carry on my knowledge. Would you like to become my apprentice young one?" William replied with a nod, not knowing what just happened.

    Seriously don't ask me to finish it to be accepted, I have a bad case of writers block. I currently am trying to finish it.
    Tell me something about yourself: I like to hang out with people.
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  12. Azure

    Azure Dark Caster

    Are you going to PM us the ip?
  13. Hapyfrog78

    Hapyfrog78 The Groom

    Your accepted sending all of you the ip now sorry for such a long wait went to do some chours before i put it up
  14. tothemax99

    tothemax99 Yellow Slime

    Please post a message when the server is up.
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  15. Hapyfrog78

    Hapyfrog78 The Groom

    Servers back up
  16. Richie_blood

    Richie_blood Green Slime

    IGN: Alchemist Jinko
    Reason of joining: I love to role play :D
    Primary Class: Archer
    Secondary class:Alchemist
    What side are you right or left: Right
    Bibliography of your character: Jinko has no physical strength or magical strength so he went to the art of archery. his father went ill when Jinko was 17. Jinko studied alchemy to save his father but failed. Jinko's father died and Jinko's mother had mourned in his death. Jinko ran away from home and lived life all alone and got cursed to be a werewolf.
  17. Linx.

    Linx. Bunny

    IGN: Linx,
    Reason of joining: I want to have fun,And I love the idea of your server.
    Primary Class:Swordsman
    Secondary class: Craftsman
    What side are you right or left(Doesnt really matter much):Left
    Bibliography of your character: Linx was a natural swordsman,One day his father left for war and never came back. His mother got ill a couple months later and died. He now searches for his father in the empty and vast war lands.
    Tell me something about yourself:I love to PvP,RP,And I also enjoy building and playing legit for hacking ruins the game.(Sorry for the horrible bibliography,Trying something new :p.)
  18. kirby9006

    kirby9006 Green Slime

    IGN(Put what secondary class you are in front of your name when you create):kirby9006
    Reason of joining:this seems fun :D
    Primary Class: swordsman
    Secondary class: miner
    What side are you right or left: left
    Bibliography of your character: A new swordsman looking for a mining job in the left kingdom, he comes from lands far west.
    Tell me something about yourself: I like PvP and this's my first RP server and i guess ill give it a try. Im quite experienced in terraria.
  19. Sniffers

    Sniffers Cursed Man

    IGN:Alchemist Sniffers
    Reason of joining:This would be my first RP server and would like to see what they are like
    Primary Class:Mage
    Secondary class:Alchemist
    What side are you right or left:Right
    Bibliography of your character:Sniffers was always fasinated by the power of magic. He never understood how the mages did it. He had to find out more. So he set out one night to see if he could find out how they were able to cast such spells. While wondering he stumbled across what appeared to be a fallen star. Sniffers was amazed at the sight he wondered if there were more in this world. Soon enough he had ten fallen stars. Upon returning home he stated to play with the stars. Before he could do anything the combined into a mana crystal. On that day sniffers knew how those mages could do what they could do.
    Tell me something about yourself:I have never played a mage in this game before and would like to try it out.
  20. azule13

    azule13 Cursed Man

    IGN(Put what secondary class you are in front of your name when you create):guard azule
    Reason of joining:im bored on terraria i wan tsomething new
    Primary Class:archer
    Secondary class:guard
    What side are you right or left(Doesnt really matter much):right
    Bibliography of your character:azule is one of the forgotten people he wants to restore is race
    Tell me something about yourself:i like pie

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