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How does the Hyda look so far?

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  1. KingPose Lava Slime

    So, I've had an idea to do this, but PuLSe's CrATeR is what really inspired me to get on with it, though all I have at the moment is the beginning of the hydra, which I need to make look better in game, but I'm going to be taking a break to work on the first part of the city it's attacking. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to them c:

    EDIT: Compendium Entry for cartoons. Still my favorite starting trio.
  2. KingPose Lava Slime

    Well, Got started a somewhat decent inn and a tower, need to go get some glass to fill in the holes and find a good collumn thing to support the hanging part. Any ideas?
  3. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Wood beams perhaps?
    Patterned with diagonal background wall X's?
  4. KingPose Lava Slime

    That would fill up the SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE pretty well, wouldn't it? I'll see what I can do.
  5. Eldoro Floaty Gross

    Hi ho! ^_^, i ll talk about the Hydra, i waste all my others ideas for "normal" building on my "The Valley" city >_<.

    Hydra three heads template.png

    **The red lines re just fixes**
    1-U should do better those curved lines
    2-This head is shorter that the others ( dunno if ur idea is to do the same heads for the 3 heads or made differents)
    3- Maybe its my perspective but that eye...that me a weird look of the whole head,maybe the position or just the shape its the problem ( well the shape its different from others).

    Its my opinion, but anyways its a good project, keep it going ^_^!
  6. KingPose Lava Slime

    1- I know, the lines are wonky x3x
    2- Planning on doing them different, yes
    3- I know, but I can't get it right x3x
  7. Eldoro Floaty Gross

    If u re planning different heads then forget wht i said ^^, about the eye...i know its hard to make them and dont mess the whole head, when im building an eye...i rebuild it like 15 times, maybe u can use lava for the eye so could be easier to make it better
  8. KingPose Lava Slime

    It is lava, the world viewer makes it look all not lava-ey Hydra Head Closeup IG.png
  9. Eldoro Floaty Gross

    Oh ok, on terrafirma lava is pure red xD.Hmmm..u can do a tongue on that mouth :p..and u have a little gobs problems there xD.
  10. KingPose Lava Slime

    A tongue... Ugh... I tried that when I was starting the hydra, figured I'd just say that all the tongues are in the bottom of the mouths >3< During a goblin invasion, not my fault :p And I did the pic on TEdit, as I was too lazy to open terrafirma ~3~
    The inn's most recent update. Tried the walls thing... Failed. (want to do the whole city/town walled)
    Inn_Game.png And here's the tower that I fail so hard at making.
  11. Metakarta Green Slime

    are you going to add the body? :D that would be so cool
  12. KingPose Lava Slime

    Yep ^^ But that's probably going to wait :p I still want it to have 6 or 7 heads
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  13. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Well, walls look better atleast.
  14. 8-Bit Piranha

    If you have Tedit, I can send you a schematic for a town I made.
  15. KingPose Lava Slime

    I do have TEdit, only really use it for terraforming. But the town would be nice C:
  16. 8-Bit Piranha

    I'll post it here, I didn't make the town with Tedit, by the way. I really only used it to clear the area and fill up the pond/bridge areas. (and add the shadow orb in the wizard tower.
    P.S. Where are you going to put the hydra on the CraTeR? (just for giggles)
    (edit)P.P.S the town has this horrible block building with resources in it you can delete or
    re-purpose if you want.)

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  17. KingPose Lava Slime

    Pulse and I were starting to think it's too big :s Running out of room on the Crater side of it xP instead I just made a head for medusas lair ;3 Thanks for the town by the way.
  18. ARANDOMGUY Snow Flinx

    What is all this for anyway?
  19. ARANDOMGUY Snow Flinx

    I think i see now so do you think you would want anymore monsters because 'im good with Tedit and think this would be fun. I could do like an giant or cyclops, a dragon (overdone), a manticorn, or whatever is needed/wanted.
  20. KingPose Lava Slime

    The Hydra was originally for PuLSe's CrATeR, but they ran out of room so I decided on this instead. Also; Yes, I was planning on more monsters and cities, I just haven't gotten around to it yet xP If would like to help, I'd love to see what you can do c:
    Oh yeah, I suppose Y'all would like to see what's been going down?
    Fixed the lines Eldo :3, also thanks go to 8-bit for letting me use his city, which fits surprisingly well IMO ^^ Sorry for the lack of anything new, but I have work and school and other things besides, so I don't have a lot of time for it T^T
    EDIT: Okay, so apparently the lines weren't fixed. I'll go change that.
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