Pre 1.2 Kirby Super Star Ultra Texture Pack [WIP]

Discussion in 'Working in Progress Texture Packs' started by darkzirconia, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. darkzirconia Green Slime


    Download 0.1:
    Mediafire Direct Download

    1. Download and install Terraria Custom Content Loader (TCCL) from here
    2. Download the pack from the link at the top of the page
    3. Extract the archive using WinRAR or 7Zip
    4. Place the files in the Custom Content folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria\Custom Content)
    5. Launch Terraria via the TCCL loader
    That's right! Back with a vengeance!! Got a NEW Wave Bank and 100 new sprites put together (those of you who remember the old pack will notice a DECIDED increase in the quality). This is still very much in its infancy, but it's getting there.
    Item_24.png Item_114.png Item_499.png Item_189.png Item_227.png Item_496.png Item_218.png
  2. hunterzero_001 Demon Eye

    this look really good nice work man!
  3. ibowser123 Paladin

    its looks like u put some hard work into it! good luck!
  4. darkzirconia Green Slime

    Thanks for the support! And don't worry, it's not gonna stay this rough forever
  5. Suwako Dark Caster

    Looks awesome so far .D
    Do a good job, and I might download .D
  6. Stefflera Green Slime

    ... what did you put in my drink?
  7. speedracing Green Slime

    Dude I love Kirby, they always make amazing games, which fits the topic of Terraria! Kudos to you for making this thread!
  8. Googie2149 Green Slime

    Please, PLEASE, continue developing this. I haven't seen a worked-on-for-more-than-two-weeks Kirby texture for Minecraft, so please try and break that trend (yes, I know, this is Terraria).
    You should maybe make the backgrounds a bit more... normal, though. The current one just kinda hurts my eyes. Maybe a background from one of the first few levels in a grassy area.
  9. darkzirconia Green Slime

    Yeah, so I slacked off for a while (I moved across the country and back, can you blame me?) and the 1.1 update changed everything. BUT FEAR NOT!! I'm gonna start supporting it again (relearning as I go since apparently Terraria Texture Pack is no longer supported and does not work for 1.1). It'll be a little bit of a process to shift everything over, but then progress will start again!!
  10. Googie2149 Green Slime

  11. ibowser123 Paladin

    Use TCCL now, its easier, usually, :p
  12. darkzirconia Green Slime

    Do you have a link?
  13. Googie2149 Green Slime

  14. darkzirconia Green Slime

  15. Maplestrip Corruptor

    it looks pretty good so far, but I have the feeling you should add some more to this pack, before I can add it to the list of good packs... I can't really decide about that before I download it though, but I guess you could try changing some armors?
  16. O: Awesome pack. Are you planning on making the player kirby?
  17. darkzirconia Green Slime

    Well I've lost all the work I had done locally and (due to the government seizure on MegaUpload, lost that too) so I'm starting over from scratch (I've only gotten Swords, Hammers, Picks, and a couple background things done so far). I'm going to wait until I've at least gotten close to where I had it before I upload it again. So, just be patient, bear with me, and I'll do the best I can to make something great!
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  18. darkzirconia Green Slime

    HA HA HA HA HA!! Honestly I hadn't even thought about that. It seems unfeasible to me, that it would take away from some of the Terraria experience by stripping the customisation of a character, but I guess we'll see.
  19. O: No you could make the items for kirby. Like have little kirby armor. It'd be easier then spriting armor for people.
  20. darkzirconia Green Slime

    Maybe, but I'd have to figure out how to adjust the hitboxes if I do that too.

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