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Discussion in 'PC' started by TheAltair, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. TheAltair

    TheAltair Green Slime

    So me and my brother both have terraria and we live in the same house.

    With this being said, I assume that we don't need to "Port Forward" to play on the same server.

    My questions are: how do I start LAN with terraria? which IP do I use? Does me or my brother have to Host the server first before any of us can join, or can I just type in my IP and join?
  2. Dave FTW

    Dave FTW Green Slime

    Yes, you don't have to port forward. What I usually do is I go down to my start console and type in "cmd" (w/o apostrophes), and a black command console will come up. Type "ipconfig" (again, w/o apostrophes) and look for the Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection. Under it in the block of information, look for your IPv4 Address. It should have numbers to the right of it (ex. Now that you have your IPv4 address, you can go and make your server. You won't need it, but your brother will. When you load up Terraria, click Multiplayer then Host & Play. When your on the server and it's up, have your brother join your server with the IPv4 address.
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  3. K wow

    K wow Wandering Eye

    Use the IP address of the computer that is hosting the game, and no, you don't need to port foward. You have to host a server before you can join. To start a server with a custom port, you need to go to C:\Program files\Steam\steammapps\common\terraria\terrariaServer.exe (it might not be terrariaServer.exe but it's close).
  4. TheAltair

    TheAltair Green Slime

    Thanks you guys.
  5. foodmetaphors

    foodmetaphors Cursed Skull

    I'd recommend using TerrariaServer.exe

    This way, you can exit the game while your brother is still on it and just leave it running. You can also use it to set the time of day or night and have it save anytime you want without having to close the server.

    If you go with TerrariaServer.exe, for your brother to join he'll still use your IP address, however you will have to go to Multiplayer>Join>then for the IP just type in "localhost" without the apostrophes.
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