Lasers, those for mechanics and those that kill

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Do you like them Laz0rs?

  1. Yes.

  2. Go die in a corner.

  1. PinkeShy

    PinkeShy Eskimo Zombie

    The idea is pretty simple so here goes:

    *There are seven lasers. Those that use gems and those that use crystal shards.
    They can only be available after you get the mechanic.

    -2 lenses
    - 1 gem(ruby,sapphire, emerald,topaz, amethyst diamond)
    - 5 iron
    - 2 wire
    - 1 torch (or something else)

    Those are lasers and now the other piece that is powered when the corresponding laser hits it.
    They are made with:
    -1 lens
    -1 gem
    -2 wire
    -3 iron

    They are both made at an anvil.
    And they have the color corresponding to the gems color.

    *NOW for the hardmode, since these above are used in mechanics.

    Any laser above+ 2 crystal shards.

    -Now these ones are made at an myhtril anvil.
    -These inflict(maybe) burned debuff.
    -They can hurt Wraiths(yay)
    -They do 27(?) dmg. They cant power anything.

    Well, thats it. There maybe more like a laser gun or something.

    Thx for reading.
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  2. cooldude1128

    cooldude1128 Devourer

    You can place lens in places to reflect lasers, and fwip lens's placement with a rightclick, like so:

    | and -:Laser


    Rightclick the mirror, and


    That took a while to make.
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  3. Weegee

    Weegee Yellow Slime

    I like this idea. The first kinds of lasers should be triggered/generate an electrical signal when someone breaks the laser, but it can be tricked by going invisible, or some other mechanic.
  4. Inspired

    Inspired Mouse

    Or maybe you can craft a mirror to accomplish the same thing, like 2 lenses and 10 glass? I think that'd be rad.
  5. cooldude1128

    cooldude1128 Devourer

    One or the other. I'd like to hang cobalt and obsidian shields on walls.
  6. Inspired

    Inspired Mouse

    Wow. That's a fantastic idea. Never even crossed my mind.
  7. cooldude1128

    cooldude1128 Devourer

    PS. I voted go die in a corner just for the hell of it. It's actually a fairly good idea.

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