Last Update Anniversary

Discussion in 'PC' started by Voyager, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Voyager Crimera

    Today marks the one-year anniversary since Terraria was last updated.
    It has been one year since version 1.1.2 came out.
  2. UselessNoob Snow Flinx

    Which makes me more depressed. :c
  3. Garneac Go there.

    IndentedI'm not sure why we'd want to commemorate this. =)
    IndentedBut here's to Terraria's golden days! *Raises a snifter of 57 vintage moonglow whisky.*
    IndentedYou know, the days before the Great Disappointment, which was followed by the Schism, a particularly virulent strain of corruption, verbal warfare—
    IndentedI hear there are some Terrarians holed up somewhere still waiting for the Second Coming of Redigit. Fancy that.
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  4. oSIVo Floaty Gross

    not holed up, plotting revenge! I'm Bound for the Stars to get my revenge on it :p
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  5. Bubby Bunny

  6. Garneac Go there.

    IndentedGuess I spoke too soon?
  7. NSwa Slimer

    Boy I remember the hype for 1.1. That was so much fun. I took the day off of work and everything. 1st post on the thread. That was a good memory. I hope for a future update but I wont count on one.
  8. Trae? Green Slime

    haha... it's funny because i came back a couple days before he did... what a coincidence...
  9. Raccoon Sam Cursed Skull

    Oy, a whole year.

    Time flys.
  10. Garneac Go there.

    IndentedCoincidence, you say.
    IndentedI think something more sinister is at work!
    Indented(I say sinister only because it casts the forum's recent revival in a delightfully over-dramatic sheen.)
  11. Voyager Crimera

    Perhaps a new update more than a year after the last one...

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