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Discussion in 'Console' started by Gregorius, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Gregorius

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    According to a statement from a developer at 505 Games who wishes to maintain anonymity at this time, we have some amazing news—the AI for whales has been fully coded into the game and they are fully implemented into the game, complete with amazing graphics that fans are sure to enjoy even if they don't match the feel of the Terraria they currently know and love.

    According to the anonymous tipster:
    Exclusives On Whales (open)
    "Initially, the first draft of whales we had hoped to create in-game would be more like orcas, [...] killer whales. However, we felt that with to emulate the behavior and relative size of these whales in a combative situation would be too difficult for pre-hardmode players, almost ranging in difficulty to large aquatic versions of the boss 'Eye of Cthulhu' which would make any confrontation either incredibly difficult (if pushed into the ocean) or overly simplistic if the player has discovered ranged weaponry such as the Musket or common Bows. Instead, the whales in the game are more reminiscent in size, shape and temperament to the sperm whale. Commonly friendly and mostly non-confrontational in the regards of humans, these massive mammals will not instinctively attack any player character that enters the Ocean biome unlike other creatures such as sharks and jellyfish. [...] However, that does not mean these titanic creatures can't kill or be killed—eventually harvesting the drops from a Whale will yield several Whale Teeth, which can then be 'scrimshawed' to create elaborate furniture pieces and even to be used as components of weapons like wands, sword pommels and vanity armors. Other plans for drops will include Ambergris at a low percentage, the sole purpose of which is to create 'perfumes' which can alter your character either positively or negatively in the same manner that potions can. Players may also find Whale Oil as a drop from these whales which can be used for other decorative pieces like Oil Lamps and/or Candles, as well to be used as a secondary fuel source for the Flamethrower weapon. Unfortunately, these things are still in the planning and experimental stages and, as such, should be taken with a grain of salt."

    According to this testimony, other inclusions in the works are new decorative armors, new weapons, an auxiliary form of buffing yourself (perhaps with new buffs?) and an increasing number of vanity items for your Houses.

    A screenshot of the new Whales' preliminary design (seen below) was also leaked to the Internet earlier in the month, showing the premise of both adult and infant Whales, as well as the possibility of them appearing in 'pods' or small groupings.
    Screenshot (open)

    The first comments by the developers on the design of the new Whales are still under suspicion, but the anonymous source insists that the design was inspired when he came down with an illness and corresponded with his peers over a wireless network. What was once a joking suggestion seems to have made its way into the game as a permanent addition.

    Source: a previously-unlisted video on YouTube.
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  2. TheStereo84

    TheStereo84 Herpling

    This is just some sick joke, right?

    The whales look like an Apple Texting speech bubble with an insanely big derp face. It's basically:

    ._______________. + iphone-sms-2.jpg =


    Like, wth? It has the EXACT SAME SHADING AND SHAPE.

    I don't see how this is creative at all. Why use this, it looks completely hideous. And yes, I just saw the "joke" part of it, but still...

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  3. Dragonized

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    If only this was for PC as well, I'd be excited.
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  4. TheStereo84

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    But it's a text bubble...
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  5. Mr.Person

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    Get the fuck out of here, you troll...
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  6. Gregorius

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    I'm sorry, I couldn't make that out over your obvious rage over a simple joke. Come back when you decide to be more civil.
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  7. xGama

    xGama Snow Flinx

    I laughed for a good few minutes, well done good sir.
  8. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Pretty obvious and took-three-minutes-to-type fake news, pretty obvious "RAEG RAEG RAEG!" reaction in just a few posts.

    Business, as usual.

    The OP is as 'amusing' as anything Will Ferrell has ever done, I'll give him that.
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  9. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Can someone just mod that sexy son of a bitch in right now?
  10. Razor Knight

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    Google "NES" or "Atari 2600" and you'll find dozens of games with that thing in them. ;)
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  11. Loki ISP

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    I thought it was a solidly written parody piece myself.

    Well written with an obvious "tell" in the image to avoid drama.

    Take a deep breath folks....

    Well done....moving to console section. :)
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