Let the Phoenix Rise and rebuild

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  1. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    NO LONGER BEING WORKED ON, NEW PROJECT FOUND HERE: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/rising-atlantis-world-build-wip.97372/

    The Mission

    It is time, time for me to get back into terraria and start rebuilding from what I have lost and build a new world bigger and better then any other map I have built before. I use to be a major part of terraria's building community, but when redigit announced he was done with terraria I somewhat lost my way and stopped building or playing in terraria. I had been a member of multiple building communities (Order of the Buildarians, The Miners, and the Builders Clan, ect.) in the past and often was a major leader of many of them, but most of them have long since passed.

    Well now that I am back I am starting the rising Phoenix project, where I will be building an amazing map themed around the war between hallow and corruption. I will constantly post updates on what I am working on for the project in a blog like fashion. I will keep building this world up until I can no longer build any more.
    World Progress.

    This is where all the building will take place from start to finish. This section of the thread will update once a week with a new picture of the world.

    As you can see not much yet, but this will change.

    A closeup of the town of Chiaroscuro, the first town in the game and the one you will spawn in.


    The tree of corruption, my latest project and what will be my largest build.


    The start of the rising phoenix pixel art being commissioned by Minifrij.

    This Wayvern Pixel art was a reincarnation of one of my old builds that PuLSe asked for me to rebuild for the Crater and It will also be used in a shrine I'm working on.

    1-11.png 1-12.png
    The two pictures above are of the temple of the angel statue, this is one creation you really have to experience for yourself to explore and enjoy. The lighting really complements this build and you need to see it for yourself.

    The theme of the world.

    The rising phoenix project's world theme is somewhat predictable, but it also can be unpredictable at times. The world is themed around the never ending conflicts between Hallow and corruption, Hallow to the east, corruption to the west.

    The King of Hallow and the Lord of Corruption have been fighting in a never ending war for millenniums and the only thing stopping one from defeating the other is the Lord Of Chiaroscuro (Light/Dark). The people of the and are stuck in this never ending conflict between the two sides and are only able to seek sanctuary from the war in the underworld.

    Tools That I will be using

    Buildaria: I will be using buildaria to get all my resources and make building faster, I do not consider this in any way cheating if i am only building to build.

    buildaria proof.PNG

    - Terraferma- Will be using this to take landscape photos of my world.

    - MoreTerra- to take full world pictures and overview pics.



    Awesome people who have helped out on the project or helped come up with ideas and names.


    -Chant(for making the awesome sig.)

    - Flynn Callahan





    More info.

    Every week I will put a new post on this thread showing what project progress I have done and i will post a new world picture displaying what the world looks like.

    In the future I will be taking suggestions on things i should add into the world and projects I should work on. The map will also be available in the future for you to download and enjoy.

    Please leave any comments or questions down below and i'll be back every week with an update.


    Map Download:

    To download the latest version of the rising phoenix projeject download it from the download below or if it doesn't work it is available on Curse: http://terraria.curseforge.com/maps/rising-phoenix-project-v-1-0-0/

    Current map version is:

    Just let your creativity flow.

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  2. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    One Last Request: If you ever feel like helping out by helping me build or give me ideas send me a message or post below. If you would like to help me build, please send me a message with some pictures of your creations, if i think your work is good enough i'll get back to you. If you have suggestions on what i should build you could either send me a message to discuss it or post a message below.
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  3. Yamir

    Yamir Yellow Slime

    You have some amazing work here. I would like to help in any way possible.
  4. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Just feel like sharing my progress on the spawn, it is just a floor skeleton and i'll soon be branching off of it. The skeleton is designed around a town where you will spawn in. The town will revolve around the divide between light and dark, as you can see the left side of the picture below is only themed around the hallow, but what i will be doing is creating a mirror image of the light side on the right side except it will be mirrored into a dark version of it. I have started mirroring it into corruption already if you look at the far right of the picture.

    The block transition rate will act like this

    Hallow Corruption

    Pearlstone Bricks = Iridescent Bricks
    Water = Lava
    Cobalt Bricks = Demonite Bricks
    Wood = Wood
    Pic 1-1.png
    A over view of the town skeleton plot so far, as you can see the hallowed side is mostly complete and i've recently started the corruption side. (above)
    Pic 1-2.png
    A view of where the two different side will split. (above)​
    Pic 1-3.png
    Some close ups of the hallow floor plan. (above, down)​
    Pic 1-4.png

    Once the town is finished I plan to make a giant floating isle above the town where there will be a massive castle of light and dark.​

    I would appreciate your input and suggestions on the floor plot so far.​
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  5. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Thanks, If you ever have any ideas you could just post them here, and if you ever want to come and help out on the map message me and we could figure something out.
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  6. Yamir

    Yamir Yellow Slime

    Okay thanks. Sounds like a plan. Followed.
  7. Rhytech

    Rhytech Bunny

    Looking good already. Looking forward to more.

    I like the design of the floor for your floor plan already! :)
  8. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Thanks, I will be posting again probably sometime tomorrow, I'm just finishing and touching up the floor plan right now.

    If you haven't really realized it I'm kind of modeling the spawns town somewhat after the town in the DLC shivering isles for Oblivion, the split between Mania and Dementia.
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  9. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Great to have a skilled builder like you back on the forum! I look forward to watching this - is there a theme to your world?
  10. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Not as far as I can see yet , Once I finish the spawn town I may start to theme the world into districts where like each town would be designated to certain biomes, and i may get creative about each town and add small back stories and secrets to each one, but there probably wont be an entire map theme, maybe on future projects though.

    Have never attempted a fully themed maps. Me and some other builders once started an Atlantes themed world, but once 1.1 hit and the water removal mechanics were changed we gave up on the project.
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  11. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Alright, well the floor plan for the town at spawn is now finished and i have posted a video just showing off a players view of the entire towns floor plan, it isn't the best recording but it is at least able to show off the towns floor plan. I still would like a name for the town so I would appreciate it if you could leave suggestions.

    Below are just some pictures with better lighting of the floor plan, hope you enjoy.

    Pic 2-1.png
    The full view of the floor plan for the town, as you can tell it is large enough to the point in which the texture are extremely small.
    Pic 2-2.png
    A view of the split between light and dark, as you can see this is the point in which the light and dark sides of the town meat, there will be a tower here leading up to the floating isle where the towns castle will be.
    Pic 2-3.png
    This is the western gate, identical to the eastern except for the texture changes.

    The Eastern side is a duplicate of the western side except for the texture changes.
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  12. ZetaFlame

    ZetaFlame Demon Eye

    Which I had this kind of talent for details! Keep this up!
  13. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Well I've started working on the skeletons of the buildings in the towns. Pic 3-1.png
    Not really anything special yet, just felt like updating.
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  14. Crunk

    Crunk Green Slime

    this is really cool! I like your idea for the light and dark fortress. as for town name? hmmm how about Chiaroscuro? Its an art term for light-dark? or for less wierd word I would go with terms somewhat referring to light and darkness i guess. like twilight or well idk Haze another? or the the town of black and white or day and night? I don't know. Just tossing ideas. Hope it helps!
  15. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    I Like the idea of Chiaroscuro as a name, I'll toss some other ideas around but i'll consider it.
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  16. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    So I have been working on the towns western side and I've almost finished it's skeleton. I believe I will be naming the town Chiaroscuro, apparently an art term for light and dark, which fits perfectly with the town, a user by the name of "Crunk" gave me the name.

    Pic 4-1.png

    The skeleton of the western side of the town, as you can see i'm almost finished with this side's skeleton and i'm going to move onto the other side soon, on the other side i plan to incorporate spikes onto the buildings to make them loook more evil and I may make more castle like roofs on the buildings.

    Pic 4-2.png

    This is just an update picture of what all of Chiaroscuro looks like at the moment.
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  17. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    I just came up with an idea for Chiaroscuro, as I previously stated, above the town will be a giant floating isle with the towns castle or fortress on it, well I've decided i'm going to add onto that, the town at ground level will be the slums, everything is close together, cramp and uncomfortable. Around the castle will be smaller island s that will hold the upper class houses.
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  18. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    I'm just enamored with the effort you're putting into this and fascinated by your progress updates and clueless as to what this will become. This is my favorite new thread!
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  19. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Great builds my friend.
  20. Rydo131

    Rydo131 Demon Eye

    id like to help in any way

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