Let's play! Looking for people.

Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by jorgge, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. jorgge Demon Eye

    Hey! :D my friend and i are looking for people to play with on my little sever.
    we are looking for around 3 people, and we are going to talk over skype, and we are going to film it and it MIGHT end up on youtube.

    we are looking for people that :
    Have Hamachi
    and skype
    and has a microphone
    you shouldnt be to shy.
    it's okay if you troll but dont do it all the time.
    and no fucking Cheats/Hacks/griefs or any shit like that.
    and we are hopefully going to have a nice time!
    Peace out guys!
  2. EagleEye321 Green Slime

    Hi! I've been looking for people to play this game with also....so yeah..umm......my valve name is monkeyblade007 and please tell me yours so i can add you!!! :D I do have skype that is also monkeyblade007! No teamspeak though!....Sorry!:(
  3. Deadbre12 Giant Worm

    Hi! Can I join?
    My Skype is brendug30
    I have Hamachi and a Mic.
  4. jorgge Demon Eye

    Next time guys, send me a PM so everyone wont see your steam name/skype name. but ill add you guys.
  5. PARKSTERxx Green Slime

    Hello, im a very experienced terraria player and i have teamspeak and i guess i can download skype so hit me up.
  6. Loki ISP Moderator

    Moved to Let's Play section
  7. jorgge Demon Eye

    Oh thanks Loki. i thought that it was only suppost to be videos and so on the Let's Play section, and not requests. seems like i learn somthing new each day.
  8. Loki ISP Moderator

    No worries - it could possibly fit in either place...but I try to think where it might be most likely you will get a response.

    Folks viewing LPs might be more likely, if that makes sense.

    Best of luck!!!
  9. jorgge Demon Eye

    Okay man. thanks!
  10. Deadbre12 Giant Worm

    So, when are we going to be doing this?
  11. jorgge Demon Eye

    Well i have invited you all on skype.
  12. Deadbre12 Giant Worm

    Okay, i added you, what now?

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