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  1. Hey guys so you've all probably heard by now that Terraria is now coming to consoles! In my opinion I'm absolutely thrilled I can't wait to play Terraria with all my friends online. The only thing which is really disappointing to me is that the new content is not coming to PC. Which in all honestly doesn't seem fair but we can't change that. I would prefer to play Terraria on PC but I can't pass up the opportunity for new content and new adventures with my friends. With that in mind instead of judging 505 Games and getting angry lets help them make this game bigger and better. I can promise you people will make mods which will add the new content from the consoles to the PC, so its not a total loss.

    World Events

    - These merchants will pass through your town here and their carrying items of the black market. You will be able to buy these extremely rare and expensive items from him if you protect him from any attacking enemies on the way to your village.

    - If you do not provide protection for your townsfolk they will become hostile and attack you.

    Rain/Thunder Storms:
    - When it rains there is a very slight chance of flooding. Flooding can destroy small houses, and kill your NPCs. Now thunderstorms are severe rain showers and have an even higher chance to cause flooding also lightning strikes can destroy a few blocks where it hits and set things on fire.

    - This event will get rid of any flooding that has occurred and deplete water levels drastically. The ocean cannot loose any of its water. it can only flood when it rains.

    - This will occur in the desert and will cause 5 damage every second. You can make a shelter to protect yourself or just leave the desert biome. This all can bury any shelters built in the desert with sand.

    Snow storms:
    - This will occur in the snow biome and will also cause 5 damage to you per second and can bury your house in snow.

    Star Showers:
    - This even will cause hundreds and hundreds of stars to fall from the sky. Most of the stars that fall cause damage to you. But some of them you are able to pick up. When this occurs there is a small chance for a giant star to crash into the ground and for you to harvest a new material called starstone. Around the star there will be new enemies that protect is.

    Dwarven Mines:
    - A giant dwarven fortress inhabited by many dwarves. You can make peace with them by giving them gems, gold, silver, and mithril. Making piece with them will allow you to purchase new items from the dwarf NPC. If you do not make piece they will attack you and rob the world of its riches for themselves. If you decide not to make peace with them you can still get all the materials they have mined by killing them and looting there chests. Once you discover there fortress you have 10 days to either make peace or just let them attack you.

    Troll Invasion:
    - Once you have defeated the Goblin Invasion, there is a chance for the Troll Invasion to occur they will have a chance to drop a rare item and are a lot harder than goblins.

    Ogre Invasion:
    - Once you have defeated the Troll Invasion, there is a chance for the Ogre Invasian to occur they will drop new rare items and are harder than Trolls.


    Improved Forest Biome:
    - Add a brand new dungeon. This dungeon will be a giant tree and you can make your way down into its roots to explore and discover a brand new dungeon.
    - Add more domestic animals such as pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, goats, horses etc... These animals can by herded by a brand new NPC.

    Improved Ocean Biome:
    - Expand Oceans and Depth.
    - Add randomly generated Shipwrecks found in the depths of the oceans. These shipwrecks will be protected by various sea creatures and you may even find some lost treasure in the ships.
    - Add more enemies and life. Enemies I was thinking squids, hammerhead sharks, eels, etc... When I say add my life to the oceans I'm basically saying make it feel more active some seaweed, different types of fish etc...
    - Add a new dungeon called Atlantis, which can be found at the very bottom of the ocean and will be protected by Mermaids and a new boss can be summoned to unlocked passage into the dungeon. But you will need a Gills Potion to explore the dungeon and a glowstick.

    Swamp Biome:
    - A brand new biome with brand new enemies. There will be green water. lily pads etc...

    Volcano Biome:
    - A brand new biome which will be randomly generated and filled with lava. If you make enough obsidian potions you will be able to swim all the way down to a brand new dungeon. The volcano will go all the way down to hell and you will have a limited area to fight the new boss to gain access to the new dungeon.

    Ravine Biome:
    - A brand new biome which will be randomly generated and will contain common minerals such as (copper, iron, silver, and gold). This will have an abnormal amount of these minerals and maybe have 2-4 be generated per world. It basically gives your new character some quick and easy minerals.

    Improved Snow Biome:
    - Add a brand new dungeon which will require you to defeat a new boss to gain access to.
    - Change the trees to Pine Trees, just a better visual effect.
    - Make the Snow Biomes bigger and more common.
    - Make the water in snow biome add a new effect called "Freezing" it basically takes away small amounts of health from your hp when you go into the water.
    - The biome needs new enemies and change the caves into snowy caves.

    Improved Desert Biomes:
    - Add quicksand.
    - Add randomly generated pyramids which will be a new dungeon and you will fight the boss at the end and he will drop a key which will open a few chests found in his chamber.
    - Add more enemies to the biome.
    - Add desert caves made out of a new block called sandstone and sand too.
    - Add ruins which are randomly generated.


    - This NPC will sell a variety of potions and materials needed to craft new potions. He also will have new rare items that can only be bought from him.

    - This NPC will provide food for all of your NPCs in your village. He will grow crops, breed animals, and keep your other NPCs alive. If the Farmer is not protected and killed your NPCs will loose health every day you don't have him providing for them.

    - This NPC is basically just a normal day to day citizen. Once you have a village established a few of these NPCs will show up including (female villagers, male villagers, and children villagers). The only use I could come up with is sometimes when the children are playing they will find some strange rare items which they will give to you in return for something else.

    - Found in the Dwarven Mines, He will sell new mining equipment.(More about the dwarfs in the world event section)

    - This NPC will be found at the top of mountains he will sell you rare brand new items if you bring him something in return.

    - This NPC will be found in the swamp biomes randomly hiding in a cave. Finding him will allow you to buy brand new items.


    - More Inactive and Active Blocks: Every type of block in the game make a inactive/active version.

    - More Wires: make a Green Colored wire and a Yellow Colored wire just to make things easier and so we can have wires over lapping each other.


    Game Mechanics

    Please post your ideas in the comments below and I will update the thread adding your ideas into the post thanks!
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  2. Blue

    Blue Blue Personified

    I think a few of the big things I've always found annoying in Terraria should be changed for the console version.

    • The time for the cool-down for potion/eating use should be based on the strength of the item used. IE, Eating a mushroom gives you a 8 second cooldown. Glowing Mushroom 12 seconds, potion 20 seconds etc.
    • The player should save where they are on log out, so 'log-out-log-in" cheat to home cant be done. And also you can continue your adventure where you left off if you had to stop playing suddenly.
    • Make chests look open to other players when you are using them so you know why you cant access it. OR make chests usable by multiple players at once.
    • The goblin tinkerer should have 3 different levels of weapon/accessory upgrade types you can buy, so you can pay for a weaker one at when you are broke, or not always have to pay a crazy amount and "possibly" get a weak one anyway.
    • Water leaf should only spawn IN water... never made sense to me that it grew on ANY sand. Even in the desert.
    • Add rare items that when used, teleport you to the dungeon entrance, the center of the jungle, and the center of the underworld. Each would REQUIRE a reagent from each area to work, so you have to go there before you can use it. IE, BONE for dungeon, Spore for Jungle, Hellstone for Underworld. Or, player constructed teleporters.
  3. 505Games

    505Games 505Games


    Thanks for starting this thread, it's great to read through the suggestions. We really appreciate and welcome all feedback, so please keep it coming!

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  4. Paul Mensonides

    Paul Mensonides Cursed Man

    I'm not in favor of Terraria being PC exclusive per se. What I am very much not in favor of is platform-exclusive content of any kind in any software unless that content cannot be implemented on a particular platform--which is not the case for anything in this game. C#/XNA is pretty much MS-specific (mono aside)--bad choice for original implementation, but I've made the same mistake--but C and C++ are not. If the engine is being rewritten in C or C++ (for the PS3) and it is done reasonably well, one could relatively easily support the consoles as well as Windows, Linux, and Mac. I'm all for supporting as many platforms as possible--in fact, all code should be as platform-agnostic as possible--but all platforms should have the same content. Anything less than that without a really good technical reason is an automatic no-sale for me as I believe it is an unethical business model which is not something I will ignore.

    I used to love and evangelize Terraria. Now I will never play the final version of it. Now it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth--not because the updates stopped, not because it is being ported to other platforms, but because of the platform-exclusive content. I've bought about 15 copies of this game through Steam and given them away at various times. I still have a few copies sitting in my Steam inventory. I also bought the collector's edition just to support the developers. I also have no problem paying for DLC provided it is not overpriced relative to its content. For example, I'd have paid $20 for the hard mode update.

    Now, I'm not blaming 505 or Red because I don't know enough about whose fault the current situation is. Therefore, I blame both 505 and Red, and, honestly, as a consumer, that's perfectly fair. Who does what in the making of a product is an implementation detail. However, a lousy business model is not.


    Provided that the content exists on all platforms, I'd like a reasonable way to halt both the corruption and the hallow. I like the biomes, but the world gets boring when everything is either one or the other.


    Provided that the content exists on all platforms, I'd like the missing matching background blocks as a start.


    Provided that the content exists on all platforms, I'd like an actual powered/unpowered circuit state rather than the "pulse" that we have now. I.e. more like a real circuit (but not necessarily with different voltages, amperages, resistances, etc.). There are many things which cannot be done currently. I also like the multiple wire colors which make them independent--perhaps with different color wrenches and wire cutters to match.
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  5. My pleasure, I hope you take some of the ideas which will be posted into consideration! hopefully more people will start to post once the whole no new content to PC settles down.
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  6. Télyphron

    Télyphron Green Slime

    Hi I'm new to this forum and excited by the prospects offered by the console port and the possible new features. Even more so that you, 505 Games, seem to listen to suggestions that are brought to you. Here are a few ideas :

    I personally suggest new types of liquid with different properties, as inspired by the New Mechanics Megathread, to escape just the water/lava dichotomy :
    Acid, that could be found in Dungeons (and Dwarf mines if they are implemented), and that rapidly depletes your HP, like lava, but also damages your armor and weapons, unless they are made in non-corrodable (not sure if you can say that ? ^^) material, in which case they do not. Plus, if your armor set is made from a non-corrodable material, your HP doesn't get depleted.
    Oil, probably the most interesting of the three. It could be found mostly underground at about the same depth as lava, and a few rare pockets more towards the surface. It would slow movement, and if fire or an explosion touches a part of the pocket, the whole thing ignites. This would make throwing explosives willy-nilly while exploring underground extremely hazardous.
    Also, if a sufficient amount of it gets into water, the water would become "contaminated" : no more life spawns in it, and fire will spread along the surface. If it is lit, after a while all the oil will be consumed and the water will be clean.
    If brought back with a bucket or a pump, you could use oil to make more destructive explosives ... and who knows, maybe enable many industrial processes ...
    (((((( -- WARNING : I'M GOING FAR OFF WITH THIS ONE (so I'm not really expecting it to be even considered, but hell would it be awesome) --- ... maybe leading to automated vehicles, over land, air and water, at a very late point during the game .... maybe even stuff like mini submarines and rockets and tanks even further on in the game. Of course you'd need to reload those vehicles with oil to be able to keep using them. And because there is only a finite supply of oil, you could even eventually upgrade them to their equivalent in electric vehicles through the use of powerful batteries, that also need recharging, but that you could improve the longevity of up to a certain point -- )))))).
    And finally Sludge [found in the swamp biome if it is implemented, otherwise don't take this one in account]. It wouldn't be that special (unless anybody has got any ideas), but would help characterize the biome, exactly like jungle grass. It could have special types of mod spawning in it and would look different.

    With leather, silk, and maybe pigments that could be found in various places, you could make many more vanity garments.

    Could the floating islands have more going for them that make them unique ?
    One idea for specializing the biome would be an Angel NPC that lives there in hardmode, from whom you could buy one-of-a-kind items for a great price, and who could "bless you" if a certain percentage of your world is hallowed, or if you completed a quest for him (the "blessing" would have a few positive effects, like returning corrupted animals to their normal form against a very small amount of HP automatically when touching them, not being vulnerable to acid and lava, regardless of your equipment (but your "corrodable" equipment would still be vulnerable to acid), and/or having +5% speed walking and swimming)

    WARNING - I'm just shamelessly copying (without even reformulating - *GASP*) parts of the Animal + Vegetation Megathread, by TEH_N00B1337 which I urge 505 Games to visit, seeing as it's got a ton of great ideas which you could pick from :

    As a new spawn in the forest biome : bees
    These little critters roam peacefully around nice quiet forests harvesting pollen form flowers, but don't be fooled by its weak appearance! If it catches you stealing its honey, it will attack!

    New animals:
    -Bee (15Hp, 10Damage, Peaceful unless nest disturbed, They build nests randomly when the get near a tree, They don't need a nest to spawn, They spawn randomly during the day in a forest)

    -Queen bee (500Hp, Attacks: Sting: 30Damage Ram: 15Damage, Aggressive, Has 1/30 chance of being summoned when a nest is disturbed, Has 2x more chances of being summoned on hardmode)

    -Corrupt bee (50hp, 15Damage, Aggressive, Created when the blood moon rises while any bees are in the area or vile powder is thrown on a bee)

    New items:
    -Honeycomb (Dropped from bee's nest, Can be made into Jar of honey with 1 Bottle)

    -Bottle of honey (Made from a Honeycomb and a Bottle, Restore 70Hp)

    New block/scenery:
    -Bee's nest (Uncommon or made by bees, Drops 1-5 honeycombs when destroyed, Spawns Queen bees and makes any nearby Bees aggresive)

    Jungle trees
    Jungle trees will now drop an assortment of exotic fruit which can be eaten or planted for new jungle trees!

    New items:
    -Banana (Common, Restore 20 hp, Can be planted)

    -Orange (Common, Restore 15 hp, Can be planted or made into Orange juice with a Bottle)

    -Cocoa bean (Uncommon, Restore 25 hp, Can be planted or made into chocolate when combined with milk and sugar)

    -Mango (Uncommon, Restore 30 hp, Can be planted or made into Mango juice with a Bottle)

    -Kiwi fruit (Rare, Restore 50hp, Can be planted or made into Kiwi juice with a Bottle)

    -Peach (Rare, Restore 60hp, Can be planted)

    -Dragon fruit (Very Rare, Restore 100hp, Can be used to turn 2 healing potions into 1 super healing potion)

    -Super healing potion (Restore 400hp, A bright white brew)

    -Orange juice (Restore 30hp)

    -Chocolate (Restore 100 hp, Speed + 25% for 5 minutes)

    -Mango juice (Restore 60hp)

    -Kiwi juice (Restore 100hp)

    So, a big thanks to 505 Games for taking up the challenge to revive Terraria, and a great deal of luck to you guys!
    I hope this has given you a few more ideas to pick from.
  7. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    I think the idea where in pretty much almost all the biomes you suggested has a dungeon. There should only be one.
  8. Cyrman

    Cyrman Piranha

    How about an improved world generation? It would be cool to see natural waterfalls or even a village here and there. Also bigger worlds? Sometimes I feel limited to the space I have when I build something. Just some quick suggestions.
  9. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Some really decent ideas in here....some are a bit overdone....but some are great.

    I've always wanted "generic" npcs to populate my creations. Having like 8 people inhabiting a massive town with skyscrapers, bars, etc seems like a ghost town, lacking "life".
  10. Zomoa

    Zomoa Green Slime

    I think that Terraria coming to console is a good thing, however I certainly hope they don't dumb it down like they did to Minecraft. I feel that those on consoles should get everything the people on PC get. They should both get the same updates and no special treatment.
  11. WolfieNM

    WolfieNM Cursed Man

    Oh? Updates isn't going to pc.. and everyone who owns an xbox or ps3 is excited. Woopteedoo. They don't have to spend 400 extra dollars just to play terraria
  12. wsensor

    wsensor Yellow Slime

    I was hoping it would come out on the wii also if it was going to be on the other 2 consoles. (Only problem with the wii seems to be the controller which could just require a gamecube controller instead.)
  13. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Wait, I'm confused, is this thread for Suggestions, or is it actual features that will be included in the new console Terraria?
  14. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    More for ideas.

    Little is confirmed about the new content thus far
  15. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    But, news, details and announcements are not far away!

    Stay tuned!
  16. Hey guys sorry for not updating or responding to messages. I've been busy but now I'm back for a while so I'll reply to any messages I've missed and I'll update the thread a few more times
  17. TonyTheTGR

    TonyTheTGR Green Slime

    I dunno. I like most of that, but sand and snowstorms seem kinda... uninteresting. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're hazardous, but what's the solution? Build a tiny box. And then what?


    Personally, I don't think anything that makes inactivity necessary actually leads to a better or funner experience, regardless of the realism involved. Maybe just have them mess with your physics (push you one direction or the other) and stir up some projectiles to dodge, rather than directly harming you could play out better; or maybe just have a particular kind of threat - a miniboss so to say - that only appears during these storms and makes them riskier to venture out into.

    The only other thing I would suggest enabling the creation of would be elevators. How are they not existant yet?
  19. Moonryze

    Moonryze Green Slime

    Hey i think it would be cool if there was a castle dungeon with a dragon boss and/or a knight army with towers and a jail or like a real dungeon with drop chances of knight armor pieces like a shield helmet broadsword etc... Also it would be cool for ice caves at the end of a snowstorm with a yeti boss or a an ice kingdom with frost ore armor weapons and soldiers made of ice, with an ice queen boss who maybe makes icicles drop to hurt you and when you kill her you get the ice crown or sword or something.Plus it would be cool for there to be mounts of some sort but maybe that's to far. lastly there should be a gryphon or chimera to kill or something summonable like that
  20. TonyTheTGR

    TonyTheTGR Green Slime

    Maybe you're right about weather being an important factor. Perhaps make it a day-cycle event factor. But raw damage for exposure is just boring design; all I'm saying is there should absolutely be some kind of effect that encourages more interaction, instead of discouraging it.

    Heck, I'm *already* staying bundled up to avoid the disease-inducing cold as it is in real life. Last experience I want in a game I'm kinda stuck at home playing is to do the same thing in that. XD Unless you're gonna have a GameBoy you can craft, and some minigames you can play in a sub-screen, haha!

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