Letting Hellstone Weapons Absorb Lava

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Epickid, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    Not really much of an idea but, I thought it would be cool of hellstone weapons would absorb lava everytime they are swung into it.

    The weapons wouldn't benefit much from absorbing lava because as soon as they absorb it, they can not release it.

    Although it would be cool if they gave you a buff for 1 minute after you use them to absorb lava.
    Or it could give you charges on your weapon and can absorb a maximum of 10 lava.
    You could get rid of the charges by mining, hitting or hammering. (melee weapons only)

    Buff could be:

    Inflamed; Deals 5% more damage when using hellstone weapons and a 10% higher chance to ignite an enemy. Swing 5% faster, Mine 5% faster and so on.

    What do you think =3.

    Why don't I ever even get replys from the community 0.0
    I get more replys on Minecraft private server forums that only have 30 members on it.

    Proof that Molten Armour is not overpowered compared to others:
    Can you kill hardcore bosses with molten armor or molten melee weapons? I think not. So stop being silly.
    Sorry for bad quality =(
  2. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime

    maybe it will swing/dig 15% faster in hell?
  3. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    Nah. Dealing with lava pools would be too easy. They removed that thing where you could place blocks on top of lava to get rid of it for a reason, you know.
  4. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Molten is already op enough. Why making it even stronger in hell. Also, rebalancing it would be bullshit as it would be a decent weapon only in hell in that case.
  5. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    I love how you guys say molten is already Overpowered...
    First of all, it isnt, compared to hallowed armors it is significantly under-powered.

    Why are you replying to this if you are going to be negative about it. Molten weapons are made by hellstone, hellstone produces lava when mined in hell. So why not make weapons have the ability to absorb lava when they are made and by the way, I am not saying they can be spam clicked to get rid of lava, instead you can make it so that the weapons have charges. Lava supplying charges to the molten weapons could be useful and make non hardcore battles in PVP a lot more interesting.

    Also if this was added to the game it could open up options for armors to have certain abilities instead of just stat boosts.

    If you wish to contribute on how molten weapons can be more effective, then you shouldn't straight away say NO.

    By saying no to other ideas, you are basically closing paths for the game to take. This is something that should never be done on the forums, and also you do not have any valid arguments that could pose that molten armor is overpowered. If the developers feel that molten armor is overpowered then they could always lower its defense bonuses/ damage bonus's.

    Do not ever post on one of my ideas where I am contributing to the community without giving out a valid explanation why you choose not to like it. Instead think of ways were you can make the idea better.
  6. Sir8BitHero

    Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    Hallowed armour is stronger then molten for a reason, just as gold is stronger then bronze.
    If you go up fight a player wearing molten whilst you wear hallowed 99/100 you will win.
    Molten is quite strong for pre-hell gear, and it's difficult to get due to the fact when you mine hellstone it produces lava, making molten absorb lava complete ruins that challenge in the game. Redigit put that in the game for a reason.
  7. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    IT is not overpowered. It is the highest tier on pre-hardmode, making all the previous tiers worthless (which is something I'm already not okay with, but whatever, it's the course of the game). Adding further bonuses would unbalace them even more.

    The Molten Pickaxe is needed to go on to hardmode and I'm fine with that, worth at least a shot in hell to farm it, it already is boring to see the huge DPS a Molten Sword has in comparison to a Grass Sword or a Muramasa. The Phoenix Blaster is the strongest gun in the game and is even stronger than the Shotgun and almost comparable to the CAR too. The Molten Bomerang is kind of fair in comparison to the Chakrum's bounce effect, same for the Bow as there is no previous tier one.

    The Armor has the highest defense in comparison to all the others pre-hardmode armors, I would be fine if that was the only thing, but nope, extra damage, like the fact Shadow has so much high defense for a speed-based armor wasnt enough, we even get the tank armor with overly huge damage.

    I'm not saying Molten is a fuckluster of overpowered equipments, I'm just saying it would be better to not mess with their balance further.
    What we want new is game progress or useful features or missing new contents to fix some holes in the game, not rebalance already enough to-the-limit balanced old equipments.

    Then the feature to "upgrade with lava" isn't that worth for the reason that lava is not everywhere and it would make hell exploring a lot easier, like Hell was not already made the safest place in the game yet.
  8. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    I have played Terraria a lot, I build a lot and make massive worlds legitimately. The only problem I have with building, is building in hell, because hell has so much lava and it is incredibly difficult to get rid of the massive lava oceans. I believe it would be fair to absorb the lava into an item instead of having to run back and forth with a bucket taking out the top layers of the lava and moving it to another world. (Lava oceans are so massive that when you pump the lava out of the bottom, it just duplicates and does nothing in your world, and like I said, it would have a max amount of charges on the weapon. To get rid of the charges you will need to mine, hammer and fight to get rid of the charges.

    A weapon could hold 10 lava inside the weapon before you cannot use it anymore to absorb. you will then have to mine to get rid of the lava/charges. each lava you absorb with the weapon could count towards 50 bonus damage/faster mining/ faster swing speed in hell. The bonus charges ability would only apply a bonus of 5% to each of these stats. Which isn't that overpowered. In fact it is very neutralized. Most Accessories can have menacing attributes, which can add up to 20% extra damage. It isn't that overpowered when you think about it.....
  9. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    I think this is a sorta unnecessary gimmick for molten weapons that they don't really need.
    I would honestly PREFER Redigit work on more content than this. I'm not a coder, I don't know how long this would take to add, correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    It would be kind of a boring feature to code in indeed.

    I see how lava can definitelly be boring. It was possible to cover with sand/gravel, but it was then edited to not let people do such a thing by normal means. The point is, lava is supposed to be annoying to prove a challenge in hell. That's the entire point of it.

    Getting rid of it, while overpowering an already existing balanced waepon wouldn't be a good idea.
    The Fiery Greatsword have a damage of 36 and a speed of 1.76 swings-per-second. Its total DPS (damage per second) is 63.52.
    Now, given the full bonus, it would either increase speed by 50% (10 charges *5 is 50) giving an increse in DPS to a total of about 95.04 if damage is increased by 50% or 127 if speed is increased by 50%.
    Now compare it with a last-tier weapon, like the Excalibur. Excalibur's damag is 47 with 2.4 swings per second. The total DPS is 112.8.
    Basically, the Fiery Greatsword would become as strong as the Excalibur or even stronger. How can it be balanced.
  11. Delta 7x

    Delta 7x Green Slime

    In my honest opinion, I think it would be an necessary addition. This is just because the lava in hell is suppose to challenge you and is suppose to make traversing Hell dangerous and is suppose to make you pay attention to what you are doing and how.

    Making it so you can absorb lava with Hell Tools would heavily defeat that purpose.
    You're better off making a pump system and pumping the lava elsewhere so it is no longer an issue, it would be far faster to do than the method suggested.
  12. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    You do not understand the definition of overpowered. If you wish to see overpowered. I will show you that right now.

    Also this would make this Tier of armor the ability to not be worthless in hardcore mode. I have a feeling you don't know what you are talking about.

    Made the video of me killing the Destroyer and so I can prove to you, that Molten armor and weapons are not overpowered and you are being silly.
  13. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    Look at my video. The Fiery Greatsword would not be strong against all enemies in fact it wouldn't even be able to reach the power of Excalibur. There is a reason why melee weapons have more power. It is because they lack the reach ability so they cannot be used effectively against bosses. This ability will only apply to the melee weapons. Sometimes I do not understand what people like you say. You say the most silliest comments and think you are right because you have 3000 comments. You did not even read what I was saying so you shouldn't be commenting on this video. Please Leave. But first watch my video on me killing the destroyer with necro armor and see how silly your comment was =).
  14. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Having 3000 comments does not make me able to have opinions? Cool story bro.

    Gravity Potions? Good grief, everyone knows they are the "win this shit" button of the game. You can even win agains the Destroyer with a decent hardmode armor and any kind of sword. Plus you are not supposed to farm the bosses with those equipments and so you are proving that the game's balance can be easily broken. I am not really sure what that video is supposed to prove up.

    Why don't you read the posts I made for the contents I actually explained instead of stereotyping over it.
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  15. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    Can you please read. You are ignoring everything. I am proving that fiery great-sword is a fail towards all bosses and I am proving that your previous comment was pointless, how can somebody like you not read anything, reread everything, you are simply arrogant and I understand that.

    The balance of the game is not easily broken, In fact this took me 20 tries to accomplish. Swords are useless against all types of bosses. Ranged gear is not. You said molten armor and weapons are overpowered. Look at Necro armor. How overpowered is that. Actually no, nothing is overpowered in Terraria, every item has a purpose and some items are better than others in certain tasks. Releasing, this ability into the game will make it a lot more interesting. You cannot remove Oceans of lava. with damn pumps alone. You need to spend over 1000 platinum's to get rid of oceans that liquid continually duplicate.

    Why do you not read anything? Your explanation is stereotyping. You haven't even read the topic. That is why your posts are all nullified and silly. They also make no sense at all if I am to refer them back to the topic. READ PLEASE.
  16. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    K explain me how I didnt read the topic.

    Also to answer your question about "melee being underpowered in comparison", have you ever used a melee-based armor with all the crazy defense it does have? Also melee armors generally give you speed to fix that hole, plus attack speed bonus (which increases the dps of the melee weapons further). I could easily say I'm more used to using Melee weapons than any other type ones.
  17. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    View my Steam profile, Look at my Hour total.
    Rephrase that last comment.
  18. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    I have over 1000 hours too and probably way more through pirated copies and modding. Cool move pretending your playing time means something. Cool move also pretending I feel entitled by my replies numbers when you seem to do the same with your playtime.
  19. Epickid

    Epickid Eskimo Zombie

    Look at my Photos
    Realise that I play everything legit.
    Apologise about your last comment.
  20. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    look at this comment,

    saying that something to remove lava and water would be nice, but that doesn't mean that you should add gimicks to already existing wepons.
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