PC Lighting Update

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Demonator

    Demonator Guest

    Patch out in:
    November Maybe December.
    This is gonna be the biggest patch ever!
  2. TerrariaMan

    TerrariaMan Zombie

    I give Redigit a diamond!

    [Diamond] [​IMG] [Diamond]


    nice pic of Bruce Campball playing as Ash in evil Dead THIS IS NOT SARCASTIC so dont think it is
  4. infamouscube

    infamouscube Squirrel

    hey...listen listen hey hey listen listen listen hey
  5. Andrew1333

    Andrew1333 Green Slime

    Looks smooth.
  6. Beanus Maximus

    Beanus Maximus Cursed Skull

    Because it's full of awesomeness :D
  7. infamouscube

    infamouscube Squirrel

  8. harahyuna

    harahyuna Green Slime

    OMG.....More aesthetics? Please add some new gameplay ideas like quest/hard boss/castlewar etc. instead of just aesthetics else this game will not last long based on only aesthetics updates alone.
  9. Beanus Maximus

    Beanus Maximus Cursed Skull

  10. infamouscube

    infamouscube Squirrel

    omg ur image scares meh D:
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  11. Beanus Maximus

    Beanus Maximus Cursed Skull

    I needed to make it halloween ish xD
  12. shadowehawke

    shadowehawke Cursed Man

    he said it's rough but jeez. i cant see crap next to the lava. im gonna go to old lighting.
  13. You see lava. You put torches down near it. you stop being a wuss.

    Lava isn't even very shiny at ALL IRL. Wanna see a pic? I can show you.
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  14. Filipfonky

    Filipfonky Fire Imp

    Oh please...
    I agree with you, but between all the arguments you could have used, you really went with the "IRL it iz like diz durr" argument?

    That's the worst one. Especially when talking about Terraria and other games that don't give a flying fuck about realisticism.
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  15. Minky

    Minky Slimed Zombie

    00? Realism man, realism.

    Reality aside, go back to the 1.0.6 update (mostly the 1.0.5 since the most were added then, but Alchemy was not complete until 1.0.6) and realize it's an Alchemy thing. While I still dislike the whole forced-potion-use, an herb farm is very easy and quick to setup.
  16. Filipfonky

    Filipfonky Fire Imp

    Oh, thanks for the correction.
    I'll keep it realisticism anyway.

    I still remember my hype for 1.0.5, it looked so massive back then. Even the trailer was awesome! I mean... it had a freaking Jesus Potion! (walk on water).

    But seriously, after you use some potions and you make a farm in Terraria, you start to ask yourself "how the hell could i play this game without these before?"
  17. Arcanecat

    Arcanecat Green Slime

    Put an old lighting and new lighting in the setting for the older computers, I play on like a 5-year old computer, so I kinda want to play smoothy.

  18. Necrovore

    Necrovore Demon Eye

    There already is that setting, there are 4 lighting modes to cycle through, just press F9 twice to get back to the original lighting.
  19. ChromeXu

    ChromeXu Bunny

    lol I went into this thinking it was going to be a 1.2 update lighting fix, but it's from 2011 XD
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  20. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    If you realised this was from 2011 then why did you post here to revive the thread, kind of pointless :/
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