TConfig Light's Edge [ A Simple Sword Mod ]

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    Hello. I created my first Terraria mod today, I was surprised to find out how easy it was to make.
    The reason I thought it was so easy is because I'am a Minecraft modder and creating minecraft mods are a pain to create. Now... How about we get to the mod. The mod is called Light's Edge, It's pretty much the older brother of the Night's Edge, Except Its a holy weapon.. The Light's Edge requires a Night's Edge and 250 Pearl stone blocks. The average damage of the Light's Edge is 55 And gives off Blue/White Particle effects when swung.

    Behold The Light's Edge!!! [​IMG]

    Note: Feedback would be appreciated. Please leave new mod suggestions.
    Note: The virus scan picked up somthing called Win32.SuspectCrc. I have no idea what that is. Also the one that picked that up is called Ikarus so If you're ever going to buy Anti-Virus software then don't buy Ikarus because It was wrong.
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